Will Pahang be punished?

UPDATE May 31: Johor FA president Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim is still serving his six months suspension but he made a statement as seen here.

Is the Johor prince in trouble again?


UPDATE (May 30): FAM warn host teams to beef up security at stadium. The competition committee fined Pahang FA RM100,000 while Darul Takzim FC fined RM20,000 over Kuantan episode. Read more here.


So says former Mailsport journo Rizal Hashim.

One thing for sure, there was certainly an 'overprint' of tickets - something even FA of Malaysia (FAM) vice president cum competitions committee chairman Hamidin Amin suspected as revealed to Mailsport (as published today).

The whole fiasco happened right in front of FAM president Sultan Ahmad Shah.

A meeting is being held at Wisma FAM to discuss about the FA Cup return leg semi final between Pahang and the Southern Tigers after the match was called off yesterday due to crowd trouble. The number of fans in the stadium clearly exceeded the the stadium's 35,000 sitting capacity.

Such incidents tend to happen at major matches including that of the pre-World Cup Malaysia-Singapore match at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil in 2011 where FAM were later fined RM14,200 for crowd disturbance and security flaws as reported here.

Will Pahang be penalised?

HD says: Let's wait and see.


  1. what about JDT itself? the previous match (liga super) between JDT & Kelantan were delay. That should be punished as well...

  2. Bro HD,

    Let's not beat around the bush la bro.Everyone saw what happened during the 1st leg...the match was held up (kick off) due to spillover of fans.
    And no thanks to the behaviour of the Johor fans towards the Pahang fans at Larkin.
    FAM knew darn well about this simmering between the rival fans...the guy who walked around the stadium in his grey shirt (MC?)before kickoff during the 1st leg should have hidu this suasana and included such matters in his match report. As is usual in all cases, he failed in his responsibility and we were served a grand spectacle of lawlessness well beyond the control of the FAM.
    It was magnanimous of Tuanku to allow fans to be seated just behind him to allow the match to kick off.But the real culprits behind this fiasco were clueless and some were seeking the might of the cops to keep the fans away.
    Memalukan la bro ! And heard it in the grapevine..the calling off of the game was brought about by refusal to play la kawan !

    Just a fortnight ago or so...I told KJ to keep FAM,BAM and MHC files in his right hand drawer for quick references...... since last week BAM is already kepala bintang, now FAM buat kepala pening soon MHC will make kepala tak siuman !

    Kah..kah...kah..welcome to the farm KJ !!!!

    Peminat Sukan JB

  3. Due to crowd disturbance and security flaws, FAM was fined RM14,200 for the pre-World Cup Malaysia-Singapore match at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil in 2011.

    How much was state FAs fined for the same offence?

    Lebih untung dari meniaga unta! (with ref to P Ramlee movie, TIGA ABDUL).


  4. Dear HD,
    It doesn't take a genius to know that the overcrowded was due to counterfeit tickets. Can you see the common denominator of the last 2 overcrowded matches? Its Pahang vs JDT and JDT vs Kelantan. From that you can deduced that who printed the fake tickets. its the overzealous team la Bro....

    Pak Nik

  5. PBNJ should be fined as well on waht happen during Super league match bw JDT & Kelantan? previously match delay b/w kelantan & PKNS, what did not Rizal hashim complaint about? when it comes to his state, what did he say's????????? as a journalist he should not pick what issue he want to write....


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