Raja knows best

National coach Datuk K. Rajagobal is unperturbed over talks that his team could be playing against "school boys" and that their stint in Australia next month could be a "waste of money".

There were claims that "the end result of the trip may not fulfill the expectations."

National team manager Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal revealed the trip to Australia does not involve tax payers money but was sponsored by Telekom Malaysia.

Read what Rajagobal has got to say in today's Mailsport.


  1. Bro HD,

    Pardon Me, since when did FAM or NSC cared for the rakyat's money ????

    FAM could very well have played the Causeway Cup matches. This would have raised the atmosphere as well as the build up for the crucial game.Singapore is no pushover...they lost to Radamel powered A.Madrid 2-1 some days ago.They have a new coach and their new make up will surely include many local lads.Singapore now has a bunch of budding local players and they are set to do well.
    Surely Telecoms can offer business class flights KL-SIN or a comfortable coach ride across the causeway for Malaysia to play the cup matches.Lepas itu (irrespective of the results)the team boleh lepak dekat Sentosa Island for 2-3 hari...then regroup for the crunch match.Matches against Chelsea and Barcelona would help the team maintain fitness and give the lads a feel good factor for the cruncher.

    Now why Down Under la, why you all want take the team so far away and also play with these kelab kelab....why the coach is agreeing to such a non value added tour ?

    Looks like someone in FAM screwed up big for the lapse in running the annual Causeway Cup series la bro......
    You know what ? Singapura is very angree la bro. FAM kancel last minute.And den they also tell the Singapura dat d coach wanna take the team go Australia !
    Why play play like this la ? Doesn't FAM and these bunch now appear like a radio broadcasting station ?

    FAM is in FM frequency, NSC is in MW frequency while Rajagobal is in SW frequency....nampak gaya betui betui ShortWave la bro !!!!

    Aiyoh...so much headache la FAM before the crucial game !!!

    Peminat Sukan JB.

  2. Errr...How does Telekom came about? Only ignorant fools woukd think that!



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