'FAM did not benefit much from AFC in the past'

Asian Football Confederation (AFC) members will cast votes at a leading hotel in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow in a bid to elect a new president.

The race is between four candidates — United Arab Emirates’ Yousuf Al Serkal, Saudi Hafez Al Medlej, Bahrain’s Sheikh Salman Ebrahim Al-Khalifa and Worawi Makudi of Thailand.

While AFC brace for a new president, how will this impact Malaysian football?

Many claim the FA of Malaysia (FAM) and Malaysian football in general have not really benefited from AFC’s presence in Kuala Lumpur.

The relationship between both bodies was only strengthened during Zhang Jilong tenure as the acting president. Zhang assumed the role after former president Qatari Mohammad Hammam was banned for life by Fifa for bribery in 2011.

FAM general-secretary Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad (pic) acknowledged the ties between AFC and FAM during Zhang’s time in office.

“FAM did not benefit much from AFC in the past especially during the tenure of former president (Hammam). With the acting president, however, there has been vast improvement,” said Azzuddin.

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HD says: More action at Mandarin Oriental...


  1. Saudi candidate has withdrawn now ?

  2. Azzuddin, acknowledges and admit that FAM did not benefit much from AFC till Zhang, came along - Sir, can you please tell the people of this country and elaborate further?
    I'm pretty sure most Malaysians want to know what are the shortcoming faced by FAM involving AFC - Please give us the "insight"

    We seek technical explanation in evaluation - Not the laymen type. People at FAM seem to forgetting to relate issues involving our playing standard and development in a more technical way - only than we can differentiate people.
    People running sports and wants to talk about it must always posses the technical know-how(opinion & comments) when elaborating the problems and issues at hand and in the future.

    Lets hope one day people in sports know what they are talking about.

    HSKL says: Please don't talk "rounder-bout"


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