RM88,900 for 20 tickets to Mannheim?

The national hockey Under-16 team's departure to Germany early this morning has courted a new controversy after the Malaysian Hockey Confederation had apparently spent an excess of RM30,000 on flight tickets the team of 20.

The national juniors will participate in the Four Nation tournament together with Belgium, Germany and Holland from May 18-20.

An invoice, issued by a travel agency dated May 9, quoted MHC RM88,900 for flight tickets via Emirates.

A check on the airlines' website revealed the total sum including taxes for 20 individuals flying to Frankfurt is RM68,620. Malaysian Airlines's online booking quotes the direct flight from KL to the German city at RM2,945 per person. That totals up to RM58,900 for a group - RM30,000 cheaper than what MHC paid.

MHC secretary Johari Aziz confirmed the booking was done but later added he will check the invoice and with the agency.

Read more in today's Mailsport.

HD says: It's all about the economics...


  1. Indeed a bit expensive, but don't forget about excess baggage (hockey gears) charges too..


    1. You're absolutely right. Hockey equipment. Excess baggage in Europe is not cheap when converted to Malaysian Ringgit. Can't compare straight with MAS Online quotes.

  2. Naturally, i would be interested in the behind-the-scene of the travel and tour company that issued the invoice/tickets.
    But as 'Anonymous 8:48' mentioned, the additional cost might be due to the excess baggage too.
    Lets also hope that none of these players would need to spend their night over an airport floors like Pandaleela and Mun Yee had to endure in-transit to US.

  3. Costly mistake bring mike back to fold when 2013 went russia he got 2900 each coz not hanky panky this must be svp of melaka works frm melaka invoice aiyo salam sapu malaysia


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