Who should be the new Sports Commissioner?

It is often seen as as a perfect place for high ranking officials to 'retire'.

The Sports Commissioner's Office was established on Jan 1, 1998 to act as the guardian for the Sports Development Act 1997.

The first sports commissioner was Ahmad Bakri Shabdin, followed by Mahamad Zabri Min, former KL mayor Elyas Omar, Nik Mahmud Nik Yusof and the man who has just retired - Yassin Salleh (pic).

Ahmad Bakri, Nik and Yassin served as the Youth and Sports Ministry's secretary-general prior playing sports commissioner.

So who will best replace Yassin? Former Mailsport journo Rizal Hashim has his candidate as seen on his blog.

If we follow precedent, then perhaps the current secretary-general Mohid Mohamed could fill the position.

A candidate is expected to be named soon, as reported here.

There have been many instances in the past where parties ignore the Sports Development Act and get away easily.

Remember the controversial night race? What about the never ending drama within national sports associations including the Malaysian Snooker and Billiards Federation?

While the guessing game continues, the sports commissioner needs to be one who is well versed with the law and act without fear or favour.

He or she needs to put the interest of the sport above individuals and not be easily influenced by third parties.

The new sports commissioner needs to be friendly to all journalists - as practiced by all the previous commissioners. We can't have a commissioner that quickly gets up and run away after every meeting, can we?

Most importantly, he needs to tell the local sporting fraternity that the Sports Commissioner's Office is a big deal.

HD says: Looking forward to working closely with the new sports commissioner. And a big thank you to Yassin for it was a joy working with you - from your days in Wisma KBS and in the Sports Commissioner's Office.


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