Potential Sports Commissioners

Having spent a day asking around and speaking to various folks - from writers, Youth and Sports Ministry insiders to observers, here are some of the names that could turn out to be the new Sports Commissioner (in no particular order) - as published on the backpage of The Malay Mail today.

1. Ab Jalil Abdullah, National Sports Council (NSC) sports management director
   - it will be seen as a promotion for the S54 grade officer. Has the expertise but mainly on elite sports. Sports Commissioner's Office is also about mass sports. It would finally be the break he deserves as time (or rather age) is not on his side.

2. Madzrib Ibrahim, Registrar of Youth Societies
Contact   - an unknown among those outside the ministry but Madzrib was apparently "groomed for bigger things" only to be placed in cold storage as he does not click well with certain top officials. He once served as a deputy director general for the sports development division within the ministry and is currently a Jusa C grade officer.       

3. Mazlan Ahmad
  - a man that needs no introduction. The former NSC director general has ruffled many feathers and while some adore him, there are others who have stopped talking to him. Unlikely to return to the system in such a position, but as the infamous saying goes "bola itu bulat, anything can happen".

4. Ahmad Shapawi Ismail
  - yes, he was just made the National Sports Institute chief executive officer and has not finished much of the work he has started but those within the Sports Commissioner's Office (SCO) know him and his working style and many out there believe he would be more suited to making better changes in the SCO instead of NSI. Instead of returning back to his S54 grade in NSC should his term ends in NSI, playing SC could see him enjoy a higher pay grade (Jusa).

5. Dr Ramlan Aziz
  - his name is also being bandied around, saying he is the best man for the job but I beg to differ. Ramlan is a man of science and he would be better off in a position where his expertise can be fully utilised. Unless there are efforts to sideline him, then being the SC could just be another retirement plan for the singing-guitar strumming doctor.

6. Mohid Mohammad
  - Ahmad Bakri Shabdin, Nik Mahmud Nik Yusof and Yassin Salleh were secretary-general of the ministry before playing SC. While Mohid still has several years ahead of him, by virtue of precedent he could end up heading SCO.

Youth and Sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin is expected to announce his candidate soon. Will it be anyone from the list above - or could it be someone outside of the system.

Perhaps one who has a legal background, is able to restructure SCO, knows local sports and is aware of the day to day problems faced by those within the system.

Did I just describe myself? (sic)

HD says: To the potential candidate - all the best!


  1. Hear, hear...!! Haresh Deol for Sports Commissioner!!

  2. Tak ada masalah dengan semua calon yang disebut...kecuali Datuk Mazlan dan Dr Ramlan. Jawatan ini perlu DIPLOMASI dan penguasaan perundangan...bukan PERMAINAN POLITIK DAN KONSPIRASI menjatuhkan orang dan berlagak Supremo...matilah persatuan sukan dan asyik bergaduh dgn MOM.
    Jangan kacau Dr Ramlan lah...memamng dia ada diplomasi tinggi dan boleh menjaga perhubungan baik dgn persatuan tapi biar dia buat kerja sains sukan dan perubatan utk kepentingan atlet dan jurulatih...kerja amat penting tu. Bukan ada calon lain yg boleh kerja tu mcm dia.


  4. Dari Yang Zaimey...baik Dr Rozmey!!!

  5. Bro HD,

    We dont get it do we.
    Its the Act that needs a serious review first.
    Otherwise , we will merely condemn any of the candidates above to be 'useless'
    Just look at Selangor Badminton...which used to be the bastion of the sport for so many decades. The supremo rules with less then 10 clubs.... now allowed to remain from over 50 previously. When such fundamental breaches are allowed to take place,how is the act going to govern sports in the country!!


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