Who could the new sports minister be?

Right after the 13th general election, many begin to wonder of the new cabinet line-up.

The focus among sports writers and observers would, naturally, be the best candidate for the Youth and Sports Minister's post.

Astro Awani had, during its Sukan Awani Ekstra television programme on Saturday, asked me who could be the next minister to play an important role in Malaysian sports. They asked if caretaker minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek should be retained.

I had said during the show that the ministry is and will remain important as it is evident that the Barisan Nasional government have yet to fully woo the many young voters as evident in the recent election. Having only captured 133 Parliamentary seats, this is the worst outing by the coalition government and efforts will certainly be made to get a tech-savvy minister to earn the trust and faith of the youths ahead of the next general election.

Ahmad Shabery Cheek: Had visions but, just like many in his capacity, was often ill-advised by the many minions that surround him during his tenure. It is highly unlikely Ahmad Shabery will retain the position as the Kemaman MP would hunger for a different portfolio.

Razali Ibrahim: He was the private secretary to former Youth and Sports Minister Hishammuddin Hussein before playing deputy minister to Ahmad Shabery during the last term. With close to 10 years of experience in the ministry, the legal eagle would know by now the main issues, strengthens and weaknesses within the ministry. A ministerial role will be seen as a promotion for the Muar MP but just like Ahmad Shabery, it is highly unlikely Razali would want sit in the same ministry again.
Khairy Jamaluddin: The tech-savvy Rembau MP has plenty of ideas and experience in the sports industry. Having served as the FA of Malaysia (FAM) deputy president in the previous term, Khairy experienced first hand how clubs struggle in the M-League when he and his friends set-up the now defunct UPB-MyTeam.
Khairy is a certified 'Twitter addict' and this has even been verified by Twitter (not many Malaysians obtain verification from Twitter). The party elders could finally cave in and give the Umno Youth chief a ministerial role but Khairy hungers for challenges and would prefer to be in a 'bigger' portfolio.

Saifuddin Abdullah: The former deputy higher learning minister is one of the very few 'liberal' Umno members. Having lost the Temerloh Parliamentary seat, Saifuddin's presence in the government will be sorely missed. A social media savvy man who is diplomatic and rather realistic in his approach, the basketball fan could re-enter into the scene if he were to be appointed as a Senator. However, such 'liberal' views are not appreciated by the old folks in the government. Nevertheless, perhaps BN and Umno will now need such young blood in their quest to 'Ubah'. 

Annuar Musa: He's been there, he's done that. The former Youth and Sports Minister would want a different portfolio this time around. Although the Kelantan FA president and suspended FAM deputy president has a large following and is tech-savvy, he is no longer a 'youth' and would fair better in a different ministry - if given the chance that is.

Here are some of the names I had suggested during the show. I'm sure there are others who could fit the bill.

More importantly, the ministry needs to 'Ubah' some of the officials that serve within for they have proven to be the biggest hindrance to Malaysian sports. It is time to inject new faces.

HD says: I look forward to the changes within the ministry.


  1. We always seem to hope for a new sports minister to be 'better' then the previous. We have had enough of road maps blue prints its time to stop lofty goals and hosting huge sporting events.

    We need to go back to the ground, we need proper talent identification and we need to learn from Rakan Muda to SUKMA where the weakenss lie

    We require proper sports infrastructure maintenance and usage both at national and state level.

    We need a sports minister who not afraid to go to the ground and ask the right question not surrounded by 40 unnecessary officials on a fact finding trip.

    Most importantly resolve the long standing issue of the power and regulation given to the Sports Comissioner's office. Either they have it or the dont coz right now acting like they have it and forcing and arm twisting affiliates to conform aint working

  2. 'Whoever can become sports minister but the problems will remain the same'
    What we should be more concern is the problem surrounding our sports. We badly need to reform the whole system related to administration, management and development. We need to drastically change and improve the sports act - only than we can seriously believe in changes.
    Just by talking and intending will not do any good - we need serious action and steps to rectify the problem.
    Can Najib, be brave enough to put a new sports act replacing the old ones? We need new guideline to prevent sports administrators from having too much power - only than we can safely dream of better things.

    Lets wait and see how far Najib can go to safe Malaysian sports and youths.


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