No place for politicians in sport

It was an unnecessary comment that riled many. It also got some of us thinking — is there room for racism and politics in Malaysian sports? The Malaysian sporting fraternity is filled with politicians, literally. A quick check among the candidates who stood in the just concluded 13th general election says a lot.

Kelantan FA president Tan Sri Annuar Musa won the Ketereh parliamentary seat. KLFA deputy president Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani is now the Titiwangsa MP. FA of Malaysia vice-president-cum -national team manager Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal lost his Taman Templer state seat while KLFA exco member Rusli Baba failed miserably as an independent candidate in Lembah Pantai.

The outcome of the general election also saw unwarranted remarks made, fueling anger and hatred.

One that certainly caught the attention of those in the sporting scene was a Facebook posting made by Malaysian National Cycling Federation deputy president Datuk Naim Mohamad.

Naim, who is a Bukit Cina (Malacca) Umno member, posted his thoughts which were deemed “racists” by certain quarters. It became a subject of discussion on social media.

Naim had earlier stood by his views but decided to delete the post several hours later.

Read Writer's Bloc in the Malay Mail.

HD says: Everyone is entitled to their opinion


  1. Totally agree! Politicians should stay out of sports!!


  2. Datuk Naim is also a politician. So it is not a surprise for him to make such a comment.

  3. One should ask is "why do politicians enter sports?" know i know lah..

  4. Najib, seem to be weak as a leader. He should learn from Tun Mahathir on how to run a government effectively. He should not allow people under his administration to get involved in sports - he should know better.

    The time is now to draw the line, he must restore professionalism in all sports related bodies by not allowing any elected ADUN or MP'S to run it. - Only than we can see transformation in the system as wished.

    The first target should be Football related associations at all level - "Clean it up and the rest will follow suit".

    Lets begin the political transformation starting with sports.

    HSKL Says: Leaders today need coaching from Tun Mahathir...


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