The song remains the same

In February 2012, FA of Malaysia (FAM) deputy president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah met with the police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission at the Shahzan House in Ampang over claims of match-fixing in the M-League.

It was the beginning of an alliance to combat the disease. FAM even hired former cop Osman Bakar to head the coordination and integrity department.

What has been done since?

Today (at 11.30am), Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin will meet the FAM integrity committee at the National Sports Council (NSC) in Bukit Jalil to discuss about match-fixing. How different will this meeting be?

Also, Khairy must take note that in March, Fifa wrote to the South African government warning them against a judicial inquiry into football match-fixing scandals, saying the matter should rather be handled by the country's football association as reported here.

Read a commentary published in Mailsport today about this and the national shuttlers' embarrassing performance in the Sudirman Cup.

And since Khairy is heading to the Bukit Jalil, perhaps the time would be better spent thinking about the 'right' man to replace Yassin Salleh as the Sports Commissioner. 

Former Mailsport journo Rizal Hashim seems to have a candidate for the job as seen on his blog.

HD says: As Led Zeppelin sang, the song remains the same.


  1. HD..interesting approach trying to get rid of Dato' Zol.....not bad for a form 5 school leaver.

  2. What happen to shukri nor? Any action frm FAM or others?

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  4. Bro HD,

    With the state of affairs,better to listen to "Crazy Ballheads" penned by the legend Bob....check it out !!!

    Peminat SukanJB.

  5. Before KJ goes into looking at the bribery issue. It will be interesting if he can check whether the players are paid on time, EPF paid and insurance coverage. Only then we can look and monitor the players. The administrations of the state FAs, very sorry to say, is certainly not professional. Unless these basic needs are checked. there is no way not only KJ but also god will be able to safe Malaysian Football. Astro as well as medai write for donkey years. But there will be no answers

  6. The only way to safe Malaysian football is to suspend the competition until further notice.
    Lets not pretend as though the matters at hand are repairable with out drastic action like mentioned above. KJ, him self, is not up to the mark or standard in trying to stand out to rectify the serious problem faced.

    Even, KJ, in some way, surely knows how they operate and fix matches. - Don't fool the people, you were in it before trying to impress and stand out.(Myteam).

    HSKL says: Stop all the pretending, be realistic and suspend the competition. .


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