Are we overly critical about Malaysian football?

Ever since the late Tan Sri Hamzah Abu samah vacated FAM, many Malaysians became critical towards FAM and the sport. One should not simply use the word, typical Malaysian, before knowing the fact. - are Malaysians not fare in their comments and criticism?? what warrants you to brand them typical??? People who are always in denial and come from the setup, will say things and insults fellow Malaysians intelligent opinion(lets not be a savour grape) For your knowledge, my opinion is a well thought opinion. I'm a qualified football coach...and i've got the "ammunition" for it, do you have it too?? Sometimes we're blinded due to emotions. We tend to say things we ourselves don't understand.-like calling Malaysian typical and, panting a bad picture about them. HSKL says:The truth is always difficult to "swallow" 

Those were the words of reader HSKAMAL.

Malaysia is set to meet Myanmar in the Merdeka tournament final. There have been mixed views over the performance of the national Under-23 team. However, one tends to believe that most critics are also indirectly equating the performance of the national team (coached by K. Rajagobal) when airing their thoughts.

Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, believes Malaysians could be happier if we have a winning football team. He was referring to Malaysia defeating Thailand 3-0 in the final group match of the four-team tournament in Kuantan.

Nevertheless, there are those who claim that we should not be easily carried away. The Malay Mail sports editor Tony Mariadass had this to say:

Are we overly critical about Malaysian football?

Or do we continue to get excited over winning small events?

When will we start making an impact in bigger tournaments?

How long more do we have to wait?

HD says: While we continue to debate about the bigger picture, it is hoped that Malaysia will win the Merdeka tournament ahead of Malaysia Day on Sept 16.


  1. Research abilities are most lacking among the stakeholders in Malaysia's sports. Most obviously, the sports coaches and school teachers who are directly involved besides the parents and followed by the community. When we're not well versed, we'll be unable to leave lifelong learning and altering abilities to deter psychological and physical ill during adolescent( transitional stage in physical and psychological development from childhood to adulthood )

    For those administrators and fund providers, they really need to look at them self in the mirror and ask whether are, they really contributing to the well being off the sports and society???
    Most times, just one or two sports manages to excel. Policies and development are always on a non generalize basis and lack uniformity.

    HSKL says: When will all these end...!!

  2. Right now, Malaysia are desperate for a win in the Merdeka Tournament. We MUST win the final on Saturday! Doesn't matter if we win a club team or national team. We need to win!! That's all.

    Hopefully, then we may see a revival of sorts from the national team or the U-23 team in the SEA Games. A Gold medal in the SEA games will be the way forward. Not easy but achievable. We need to be able to top all the Asean teams consistently before we can dream of Asian Cup. Just GO for it. Rajagobal & OKS, the ball is at your feet.


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