Petrol hike: The 20 sen question

RON95 goes up by RM0.20 per litre and it is now sold at RM2.10 per litre.

The hike received mixed reactions. The majority sighed, some made it political while others pointed out this could see prices of goods and food increase.

The defenders, however, state the hike is necessary. They argued many Malaysians remain ignorant when it comes to paying taxes but demand subsidies.

There will also be those who will compare the cost of petrol here and in other countries. For the record, Malaysia's petrol prices remains the lowest compared to Singapore and Thailand, as per the chart below and on Bloomberg's website (for the record, Bloomberg compiled the information on August 2012.)

Do also consider the cost of buying a car, the taxes involved (compare that to the Singapore structure) and labour rates.

A calculation of the difference in price on before and after the price hike

Perodua Viva - 36 litres full tank (RON 95)
RM1.90 X 36 = RM68.40
RM2.10 X 36 = RM75.60

Price difference = RM7.20

RM7.20 is still lower than a box of cigarettes (RM10.50), cheaper than a set meal an average office worker in the Klang Valley would have for lunch and way lesser to the price of bottle of imported beer at a pub in Kuala Lumpur.

However, if you fill up your tank weekly, the price difference would be (not considering other factors)
RM7.20 X 4 =  RM28.80

And for the year
RM28.80 X 12 = RM345.60

What is your take on the price hike?



  1. 20 cent subsidy cut is not a hike. Last review was 2010, and we know its only gonna go upwards. Its only a matter of time. And this time it came up with a rather minimal amount - considering the three years factor. There are always alternatives anyway. We tend to not look at those. We want things our way only. We are not perfect. Neither is government - nor opposition, whichever party they are from.

  2. Considering our income levels as well as the fact that we are not an enormous producer like Saudi, we should be happy with the minimal increase.

  3. saifulazlin,

    Harga minyak di pasaran dunia pada 2010 harga berapa? Harga minyak di pasaran dunia sekarang harga berapa? Ada semak? Sepanjang tempoh 2010 dan 2013, bila harga pasaran dunia turun, ada ke harga RON 95 / RON 97 turun?

    Adakah nelayan, setiap kali tangkap ikan, hanya bawa balik ikan kecik-kecik untuk makan anak bini manakala yang lain semua dijual?

    Minyak naik 20sen, jimat RM1.1 bilion. Dah lupa, tahun lepas, berapa kos BR1M? Sekarang BR1M nak di naikkan, mana impak ekonominya? Mana penjimatan fiskalnya? Keluar poket kanan masuk poket kiri. Tapi kita nak tanggung kenaikan harga barang nanti, nak ambil dari poket kanan pergi ke poket kiri juga ke? Poket kanan dan poket kiri kita masih ada duit ke? Mana pergi strategi laut biru?

    Kita nak ubah gaya hidup? Kita tengok, dulu samada JPM boleh kurangkan staf dan menteri dulu. Jangan tak tahu bajet JPM lebih besar dari bajet Kementerian Pelajaran. Bajet 2014 nanti kita tengok samada bajet PERMATA turun atau tidak...


    1. Saudara,
      Apa salahnya BR1M kalau duit yang rakyat terima itu akhirnya di belanja di Malaysia juga. Bukan kah ini akan menjana 'economic impact' yang melipat ganda apabila di belanja.

    2. Saya sangat setuju dengan hujahan Tuan!

      I don't mind the subsidy reduction as long as the savings are benefiting the people. BR1M is not a's a BRIBE.

      All the cabinet ministers should take a pay cut!


    3. Anon @ Sept 4 @ 9.50am,

      BR1M dibelanja dalam negeri, beli minyak kereta pada harga RM1.90 pun diguna dalam negeri juga. Jadi mana "economy impact"nya?

      p/s tahu ke apa maksud "economy impact"?


  4. Ada berani ka ke cabinet ministers to take a pay cut??? 1st shud kena is PM himself and the spouse la...


    1. u brani ke nak paycut untuk tolong nelayan?

  5. It's not only d issue of 20 sen!. What have been done to the savings of the subsidies? Financing a bunch leeches in PEMANDU! Giving out contracts to get votes in party elections....When there is good governance and prudent spending for the benefit of the rakyat; a price hike is bearable!


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