BAM distracted, young shuttlers miss out on Asian tourney

While attention was focused on internal matters leading to the resignations of national coach Rashid Sidek and talent management group director (TMG) Tan Aik Mong, the BA of Malaysia (BAM) seem to have forgotten about the Badminton Asia Youth Under-15 and Under-17 championships.

Checks on the Badminton Asia Confederation (BAC) website revealed not a single Malaysian shuttler was registered for the regional age-group tournament to be held in Kudus, Indonesia on Oct 8-13. The deadline for the registration of players was Sept 17.

This comes about as BAM president Tengku Mahaleel Tengku Ariff is set to be acting TMG director and strives to be a hands-on president, as reported here.

Meanwhile, the organiser of the Malaysia-FC Barcelona match held at the Shah Alam Stadium last month has been blacklisted by the Shah Alam City Council.

Read more on the backpage of The Malay Mail today.

HD says: Hope someone within BAM would be able to clarify to why not a single Malaysian is listed as a participant on BAC's website.


  1. At first, when Tengku Mahaleel was elected to lead BAM, i, was optimistic that, he would bring about some positive changes and new direction, to improve the opinion of the masses towards the body.
    Unfortunately, things turned out to be a bit messy due to some decision taken by the new leadership. Why is it so, and what was the reasons for this poor handling of the affairs??

    No one is indispensable, when it comes to protecting the interest of the sport. But, one should also be tactful enough to "handle and maneuver," whatever problems there are ( being proactive )

    Tengku Mahaleel, must understand one important point,...that the sport belongs to the people and not BAM alone. Any decision and steps taken must take into consideration the backlash it may bring about - be more analytic and inclusive to cover all areas of the problem to prevent backlashes.

    The nation, particularly the media people are the main support- group in educating and providing information to the masses. BAM must not restrict or impose conditions as they wish, and try to fight the waves - don't sink the ship due to arrogant.

    One must not fail to understand that, the sport is at world standard, even before Tengku Mahaleel's, presents at the helm.
    All the people in BAM, especially the officials must know that the coaches from the past and present are the ones responsible to put where Malaysia is today.

    HSKL says: Don't navigate the ship blindly, and fight the waves.


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