Malaysia to play in Merdeka Cup final


Taken from Ticket Pro:

Attention! Good News!
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Sales information (11-Sep-2013):
  • Temerloh Stadium (Myanmar vs Singapore): RM20 (Free seating) and RM25 (Grandstand)
  • ·Stadium Darul Makmur (Malaysia vs Thailand): RM20 (Free seating) and RM50 (Grandstand)
And ...
Latest information at Stadium Darul Makmur: RM20 (Free seating) and RM50 (Grandstand)
Today's press conference also featured FAM Secretary, Dato Hamidin who made the announcement in hope that the reduced ticket prices # PESTABOLAMERDEKA will continue to receive better response to Thursday's match and the Final.
He hoped that with lower prices, more fans and viewers will come to enliven the Merdeka Tournament mainly to embolden our 'Tiger'.
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They were given a rude shock, only to bounce back by scoring two goals en route to booking a berth in the Merdeka Cup final.

The match turned nasty towards the end as Myanmar resorted to cynical fouls and it almost caused a free-for-all in the dying minutes of the match. The incident saw  Myanmar’s Kyi Lin and Thamil (Arasu) getting the red card, as reported by The Star.

Berita Harian describes the win as Harimau 'ngaum' ke final. 

Meanwhile, Singapore were given the boot after losing 1-0 to a Thai selection in another match.

The Thai squad, mostly comprising of players from Narathiwat, will take on the national Under-23 side in the final.

Graphics by Berita Harian.

HD says:A good exercise ahead of the year-end Sea Games


  1. Congrats Harimau Muda. Haresh, you should ask your good friend Rajagopal to watch the game and you can see that Harimau Muda played better football that their overpaid seniors!(I'm referring to the bunch of JDT players in Rajagopal's squad)

    Pak Nik

  2. 'Malaysian are easily satisfied'

    Winning and progressing further in a competition is what matters most for many malaysian. They often, fail to see and notice, in the manner the teams progress. Looking at the match against Myanmar, we could see hao minnow our team was made to look.
    The strength and the play was nowhere near Asia standard as wished. On many occassion, they looked like a bunch off school boys, wanting to go forward by applying many long passes and crosses.

    Strength of a team should be more than just going forward( the lack in group tactics & combination play) We need to understand these areas in-order to put fear in our opponents first. Although, we progress in any competition, many qualities are missing as a National team.

    This level of play, is not good enough to be praised. We need to show better playing and understanding ability in a play and situation.

    Until then, we should keep the praises only for those who deserved it (Supermokh, Towkay, Spiderman and friends)

    HSKL says: "Still not digging deep enough, to find the diamonds"

  3. Seriously,HSKL we need to be more realistic, they deserved every credit for their consistency during this past 2-3years. U can see irfan,nazmi,wan zack..they do have brain..u can't expect their growth too rapidly..compared to the senior team..we can see that they do play better..and Malaysia do improving but not significantly larrr...but the sign is there..even frenz Malaysia play decent football...quit comparing to old timer rrrr...

  4. Bro HSKL, the harimau muda team deserved every credit for their consistency..they at least did produce brilliant players such as nazmi,irfan even wan zack..of course if u compared them to our old time legend they are not there yet..but we are improving..even our frenz Malaysia team show there is hope for our nation..the fact is we are far beyond Asia cup level is so true..but don't deny that we also improve a lot. we must support OKS team for their effort and passion..

  5. Technically speaking, we're, not near the required standard at all. Even the word brilliant, should not be used to describe any of them. There are ship load of players around the world with such abilities - 'no big deal'.

    What's important is, we need to know our strength, and where do we stand, compared to the current standard in footballing?? We must come out off SEA, and be compared with the top Asian footballing country.

    'I, have seen the best before( twice asian bronze medalist) - pls don't blame me for that'!!
    'People can say whatever they like, but the truth will remain the same for me, no matter how good and brilliant we call it'.

    Anyway, i, too hope to see, like what, ejai hidzar, wished.- good luck!

    HSKL says: It's not, how hard we try, it's how smart we can be.

  6. Agreed with ejai Hidzar. I think OKS has done good job so far. Harimau Muda played much better football that Rjagopal's team. I also noticed that Frenz Malaysia (esp Frenz B) played good football as well.

    Pak Nik

  7. Bro HSKamal, your so-called 'truth' is not necessarily the same as others. Everyone of us know that "we must come out from this SEA level to top Asian standards" la..but please, remember for about 20 years, we could barely qualify semi-finals of south-east Asian football tournament standard.
    Yes we must be careful of using these "brilliant" words for Malaysian football.
    However, please stop from being overly critical (like typical Malaysian?) when our football teams has clearly improved over the last few years.

  8. Ever since the late Tan Sri Hamzah Abu samah vacated FAM, many Malaysians became critical towards FAM and the sport. One should not simply use the word, typical Malaysian, before knowing the fact. - are Malaysians not fare in their comments and criticism?? what warrants you to brand them typical???

    People who are always in denial and come from the setup, will say things and insults fellow Malaysians intelligent opinion(lets not be a savour grape)

    For your knowledge, my opinion is a well thought opinion. I'm a qualified football coach...and i've got the "ammunition" for it, do you have it too??
    Sometimes we're blinded due to emotions. We tend to say things we ourselves don't understand.-like calling Malaysian typical and, panting a bad picture about them.

    HSKL says:The truth is always difficult to "swallow"

    1. HSKL,
      I think you're the sour grape. You claimed to be an 'A' licence coach and what you've been doing is nothing short of sour grape complaining blablabla. You offer no concrete suggestion nor solution. What you've commented are merely generic comments where any Tom, Dick and Harry can suggest, don't an 'A' licence to do that.

      You can claim till kingdom come that you have 'A' licence or 'Superbly Super Triple A' licence, for as long you're hiding behind the nick, you're just a worthless anonymous without anyting to prove your credibility. With that 'Ammo' of yours, I'm scared but then again I think you're firing blanks. Till then keep on complaining.

      BTW, "Still digging not deep enough to find the diamonds" are you helping in digging them?

      Worthless Anon


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