BAM unclear why young shuttlers not sent for youth meet

The BA of Malaysia (BAM) have acknowledged not registering players for the Asia Youth Under-15 and Under-17 championships.
BAM secretary Ng Chin Chai said this was a decision made by the talent management group (TMG) then.
"The juniors came under the purview of the TMG and it was decided at that time we will not participate in the competition," said Ng.
"I'm not sure why as I was not privy to the decision made by the TMG but we will not be able to send anyone as it is way past the closing date."
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HD says: Baffled to why our young shuttlers were not sent for a tournament in a neighbouring country. 


  1. Haresh, you and I will never get to know the reason why it was decided by TMG not to send the players to this tournament. Being transparent means getting both negative and positive feedbacks from the public. Its is the negative which they dont want!...(even if the negative is positive to us...get what I mean?)..

  2. This is ignorance on the part of the new people in Bam.Why only this instance and not the previous year? Or is it a case of arrogance and refusal to acknowledge those in charge? Sad and worrying for our future talents !


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