Malaysia edges Myanmar to win Merdeka Cup

Hadiah Hari MalaysiaIt was an ending football fans had hoped for.

Malaysia defeated Myanmar 2-0 in the Merdeka Cup final in front of a packed stadium.

Striker Rozaimi Abdul Rahman and midfielder Junior Eldstal scored in the 28th and 94th minutes respectively to win the tournament for the 10th time since its inception in 1957, as reported by The Star today.

The victory was a perfect Malaysia Day gift.

This could be a sneak peak of the Sea Games final. Myanmar will be training from now till December in a bid to snatch the title from defending champions Malaysia. Myanmar are bent on winning the football title.

Malaysia, meanwhile, are set to defend their title for the third consecutive time - having won in Laos 2009 and Indonesia 2011.

Nevertheless, the question we need to ask ourselves - are we solely setting our sights for the Sea Games? How long more do we need before we start thinking beyond the South East Asian region?

Have we turned into a contented lot?

Pic by Hasriyasyah Sabudin (NSTP)

HD says: Well done to the Harimau Muda lads.


  1. Yes, we're contended!!
    Looking at the performance of the players individually warrants me to say, we're contended indeed. The level of play displayed by the Malaysian, are nowhere near the required standard as wished.
    Being contended easily has lead us to not noticing the shortfall and the weaknesses that exist in their role as players.- the G.KEEPER, was exceptional and should have been the men off the match. Not the botak boy.

    Myanmar we're simply the better team technically compared to us. The close control off the ball they had when working on it and the agility was simply incomparable. They moved around with the ball in a more composed manner then we did. Malaysians were very loose in going forward. The goals came due to the mistake by the Myanmar GK and followed by pure luck.

    We can't go on like this.These strengths are not good enough at all, if we're talking about progressing and moving up the ladder. We need players with sound technical ability.- They don't have it in them. If we're are to win in these circumstances, then we're are only good as minnows or even less in this region.

    Prototype performances like these can never take us far as wished.

    HSKL says: It's still a dead end.

  2. ' People running and developing sports in Malaysia, are easily contented'.
    Football coaches especially. are often contented to the extent they are easily satisfied. - Frequently using the word PUAS HATI, by OKS & DRG.

    If one is easily satisfied, there will be no room for improvement, to take us further in anything we do. - Malaysian sports especially and football in particular. Those were the days when we can refuse to play any of the teams from SEA. We were Asia and world standard. Nobody, can argue on that, except for OKS & DRG, because they are easily satisfied.(puas hati)

    HSKL says: Satisfaction must be accompanied with sacrifice.


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