Happy Malaysia Day!

Let’s take a cue sometimes from the P. Ramlee movies of old and Lat cartoons carrying multi-cultural depictions that didn’t offend anyone. Would a similar scene in a movie made today be not offensive as well?

Read The Malay Mail editor in chief Syed Nadzri's article on Malaysia Day here.

Happy Malaysia Day folks!

HD says: Don't just say it, embrace it.


  1. Right after the 13th General Election, there were all kinds of verbal attack towards certain race, for not supporting a certain political party.'Politics in Malaysia has become very ugly to an extent, all sort of name calling and labeling seem to be the main title'.

    The society are being driven to a direction of lies, deceit and hatred - most often coming from the, so called "learned" people.
    Why do we have to become so desperate and stoop so low to convince the masses.??? - with the exception of the Noble one's.

    'Whatever conflict should there be, we must not allow it to reach to a stage of decay, living mental blocks among the communities'.

    Nevertheless, we're also frequently calling for unity, when national events are held. - how do we construe these callings??
    Unity is not a bargaining chip, where we can toss it around and put a price tag and bring it to the street for sale.- it must be accompanied with dignity and good values.- spirituality must also be prevailed at all times.

    ' However, my hopes are to see Malaysians, becoming noble in their manifestation and conduct through their leadership.

    HSKL says: There are no skeletons in the societies closet. Happy belated Malaysia Day!!


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