BAM mulls legal action against Rashid but Olympian fights back

The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) is not ruling out the possibility of taking legal action against former national singles head coach, Rashid Sidek, for reportedly signing a one-year contract with Indian Badminton League (IBL) side, Delhi Smashers.

BAM president Tan Sri Tengku Mahaleel Tengku Ariff, however, said the national badminton body would first have to clarify the matter with the New Delhi-based club, reported Bernama.

However, Rashid smashed the national body by saying:

“I only signed for the tournament period (two weeks). It was during our free time, and the previous management knew and approved the deal.

“I was not the only coach and several of our national players also played in the league.

“If they (BAM) wanted to take action, then they should have done so when I and the rest of the Malaysians returned home.”

Read the full report here.

HD says: Hmm...


  1. 'Sports in Malaysia, often stands-out for the wrong reasons'

    On many occasions, things that we decide and do, doesn't seem to benefit anyone, except for steering-up controversies and incompetencies due to the poor handling of the matters. - flexing- muscles are not going to help anyone.

    Why, do we have these issues?? Why is it so difficult for us to carry out our role in a more considerable manner rather than drastic?
    Decisions made, should take into consideration the actions and the decisions of the past leadership.

    We should be done away with the flip-flop approaches by, generalizing it for everyone to follow and adhere.- flexing the muscles alone will not work. As the new leader, one should have the wisdom and fairness in carrying out their role.

    Did we cover all area of consideration, when making decisions, which can affect the life of others??
    Lets be fair and give everyone, the benefit of doubt.

    HSKL says: The playing field is for everybody, not you alone.

  2. Better changed the name to Chinese Malaysian Badminton. Furthermore the best position conquer by Chinese but the mistake blame to a Malay. Look like the blame games is su. Actually whose was the majority and problem makers. Don't play a dirty trick why not blame the double&team problem.




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