Darby to coach Kelantan?

It looks like Steve Darby could return to the M-League.

The Englishman held talks with Kelantan FA as current coach Bojan Hodak is apparently set to leave the Red Warriors next season.

It is learnt Hodak is in the midst of weighing his options after having received several offers including two from neighbouring countries and another two from within Malaysia.

However, this has been kept under wraps as to not jeopardise the team as they play Johor Darul Takzim in the Malaysia Cup quarter finals.

Read more in The Malay Mail today.

HD says: Time to meet up, Darby and Hodak!


  1. 'There are people, we simply cannot allow to be part of Malaysian, football'

    Football in Malaysia, need to clean-up their mess, in order to prevent people from taking advantage, over our poor Administration, Management and Development capabilities.- The fundamentals of the subjects are often violated for other reasons.

    Without realizing, we have exposed ourselves to too many "dark path," which gives the 'invitations' to many people out there to take advantage. ' Choosing candidates for coaching role must be dealt with, carefully.' - Coaches, can use a game plan and apply tactics to, lose matches - game plans and tactics used to lose matches are much easier to apply then to winning.
    Candidate with past involvement in Malaysian football particularly, and the region generally, must be viewed cautiously.- Malaysia vs Thailand in the Laos Sea Games - ring any bells??

    HSKL says: Put Malaysian football where it's supposed to be!

    . .

  2. As No 1 TRW fan, I would rather have OKS than Steve Darby!

    Pak Nik


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