Troussier, Avramovic or Houghton? Will any of them replace Rajagobal?

One can always rely on SS Dhaliwal for a good article.

And here's an interesting piece from Kuantan as published in Mailsport.

Philippe Troussier, the former Nigeria, South Africa and Japan coach, is the leading candidate for the national football coach's job should current coach Datuk K. Rajagobal fail to meet the targets set by the FA of Malaysia.

But he is not the only top notch coach bidding to lead Harimau Malaysia. Also in the race is former Singapore coach Radojko Avramović and Englishman Bob Houghton, who was recently head coach of India.

“All I can say is that we have an evaluation committee to look into the applications by these coaches,” said FAM general secretary Datuk Hamidin Amin.

“FAM have received 30 applications out of which 29 are from foreigners and one local applicant."

Read all about it in The Malay Mail today.

HD says: Interesting stuff from Kuantan.


  1. ' Very interesting development indeed '

    Only 3 candidates names, what happen to the rest?? who are they? are they worth talking about?
    These are some of the questions FAM, need to answer first before anything-else. We need more information because we don't want to get caught again and again in the same situation like before.

    Hiring world class coaches are not something new to us.We have done it before, and the problems remain the same till today.
    The problem that we are facing are not about the coaches we want to hire, it's about the quality of our players and the whole setup responsible in producing such players.( development ) They are not anywhere near the required standard needed to be a successful leaner about the sport.

    FAM, need to know and understand that, all this while, they have been looking at the wrong place for answers. The problem lice in the development aspect of the players from grass-root. These are the areas FAM need to seriously rectify. Name any top coaches around the world, and they will face the same predicament and difficulties as Claude Le roy.- look at where is Ghana today?

    The required attributes are most lacking in our players, due to the lack of proper guidance psychologically and sociologically. If we're still to go-on like this, it will only bring about failure, even with the likes of, Carlos Alberto Preira, Kaiser, Vicenta del bosque and many more greats.

    As for the three names mentioned above, i, will go for Troussier. He has brought Japan to a different level. He laid the foundation for them to be where they are today.(world class) Coaches from England are not up to the mark. - look at how England can struggle all this while..for the ex-Singapore coach, he, should not even think off applying for the job, based on the standard of playing Singapore possess under his charge.

    HSKL says: Know the actual problems, before coming up with great ideas. Don't embarrass yourself.

    1. I do not agree. National Coach also have some effect in developing our young footballer for the future. They can give oppinion and others. I think that your opinion just aim for smaller scope. think of it as a bigger scope. These coach will help young talents. And dont forget for the past 5 years or so, we have been coached by local referee who still impliment the same tactics which is all def when the opponent have the ball on their feet. I hope that the international coach will perhaps help in changing the tactics/

  2. Bro Haresh,

    Sorry, overlooked on the spelling error. The correct word is, lies, and not lice. The mistake is most regrettable. Hope to be more observing when proof reading in the future..Malunyaaaaaa!!!

  3. Yeah I hope that FAM committee throw back Avramovich application to his face. We don't need his boring lifeless football here. Houghton might be good enough candidate but i hope FAM do everything to sign Troussier.

    Also who is that one local name applying for the job? Hopefully it is not OKS because i think it is too early for him to be given the job and also we still need him for Asian Games 2014 and Olympic 2016 Qualifying.

    Agree that the grass root program need to be strengthened. Do encourage primary school Pendidikan jasmani teachers and passionate individuals to take coaching course and have coaching license so that we have a good pool of qualified coached for youth football. Encourage the development of more football academies and create enough tournament too keep these establishment busy. And then for academies without any pro team in MSL, create link up opportunities between them and MSL teams without academies so that these trained talent did not go to waste. That is all.


  4. Why follow the complicated way?
    Karl Weigang was probably the most successful foreign coach we had. Frank Lord, Ken Worden, Allan Harris, Trevor Hartley, Dr Joszef Venglos, Claude Le Roy and a couple of others tried their best with some kind of success here and there.
    After Dato K Rajagobal, why complicate ourselves to look for the so-called most suitable coach. Lets plan properly for Ong Kim Swee to take over. Dont ever forget it was a local coach (Rajagopal) who finally brought back some success for Msian football with the SEA Games gold 2009 and AFF title 2010. To expect any coach to simply vault us among top Asian teams is asking too much. Why not start by gradually up-grading Kim Swee and his Harimau Muda A team first.


  5. totally agree with hskamal... though that has been mentioned many times by many ppl... i feel another area which may be lacking is scouting? does anyone place any importance in scouting players? are our national scouting structures sound? do local clubs even have scouting teams? who are these scouts?

  6. I do agree with HSKAMAL on the most credible coach of the 3. But knowing FAM, chances are, Avramovich will be appointed.

  7. The problem lays in the development of players from grass-root, not by hiring some top coaches around the world and hoping to improve the standard.
    Please make sure the people in the evaluation committee are qualified, not some Dato and Tan Sri, and make it look like the London Royal Circus.

    HSKL says: Please don't circus around.

  8. ' What more can we ask from our "poor" coaches'
    Vaulting is an act of propelling oneself upwards. Aren't they supposed to posses these abilities as coaches??' We're not vaulting hard enough, we need to vault our coaches more harder up the mountain, and let them see the entire surrounding to find the miserable truth dampening our football.

    Sea games and the AFF glories must not be used as measurement to dictate and compare.- we've been much much better than this before.
    Somewhat, i, felt suspicious about the achievement in the Sea games and AFF.- For the fact that, we all knew the rampant match fixing surrounding the events and the region.

    Sadly, there's still many football fans out there want to believe the sport can get somewhere as wished. But, very unfortunately, they always get cheated with the false hope and vision all this while.

    HSKL says: If you can't vault, please make way for the others.

  9. In the first place , did Troussier apply for the job ???? Do we really have the ready made " players" as to the meet the demands and requirements of Troussier ? Will he accept the job knowing the actual standards of Malaysian football ? Good move FAM but let's see !!!!!


  10. Avramovic humiliated us for 8 years, established Singapore as a regiinal force and took them on 2 WC qualifier campaigns, while missing asian cup by 1 goal. Do not dismiss his credentials considering with what he had to work with.


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