Bahrain v Malaysia

The last time both teams met - they managed a 1-1 draw at the Shah Alam Stadium.

Tonight, Bahrain have home advantage as the middle eastern team host Malaysia in Manama for the 2015 Asian Cup qualifier (kick off 10.45pm, live on Astro Arena 801).

Bahrain coach Anthony Hudson is quite confident of securing wins in their match against the Malaysian Tigers followed by Yemen four days later en route to qualifying for the tournament in Australia.

I'm not concerned; I know what we're doing and how hard everyone is working," Hudson said.

"We have a good group of players. They train seriously and our team improves every single game. I full expect us to do well and improve even further in our next two games, which will mean we will qualify this month, as reported by Gulf Daily News. said "With this game possibly his (national coach K.Rajagobal) last with Malaysia..."

while Berita Harian reported:

Di atas kertas mungkin tidak kerana ketika perlawanan pertama itu pengendali skuad kebangsaan, Datuk K Rajagobal memiliki barisan terbaik, tetapi kali ini enam pemain tonggaknya, Aidil Zafuan Abdul Radzak, Safiq Rahim, S Kunanlan, Amirizwan Taj Tajudin, Fadhli Shas dan Mohd Razman Roslan, mengalami kecederaan.

Injuries aside, Rajagobal told The Malay Mail that the team had "nothing to lose" and the Malaysian side are quite bullish of a good outcome.

For the record, Bahrain lead Group D with seven points from three matches while Malaysia are placed third with four points from three matches.

Can our lads turn the tables against Bahrain? Or will Bahrain secure all three points?

HD says: May the best team win!


  1. All the best Harimau Malaya! If recent performance is anything to go by, then chances are simply too slim. As a fellow citizen, I do hope we make it through but realistically...hmm...

  2. After watching Bahrain play, i'm convinced that their footballing capabilities are at the lowest level to be compared.

    Does Raja, recognizes this? If so, why is he not sending out the right message to the players - Motivation is most lacking when Raja, speaks. Raja, always failed in his ability as a coach, when comes to psychology. Raja, frequently says nice things about their performance, which comes to show how easily satisfied, therefore limiting the footballing capabilities of the players.

    Raja, is unable to challenge the body and the mind of his players!

    Not only Raja is unable, almost all the coaches in MSL are alike.
    Mental toughness among the Malaysian footballers are most lacking, due to the inability of the coaches to molding them during adolescent. We've been failing all this while to do this, but yet we're still having the fake hope in our footballing capabilities.

    If we're not capable of beating a team like Bahrain, then what football are we talking about? The technical understanding shown by Bahrain, in their playing ability are no different than us. So what's the big deal in wanting to collect only a point from this encounter. Raja, must demand nothing less than a win!! If this is not achievable against Bahrain, we might as well retire ourselves from giving false hope about our footballing capabilities - Not brave and daring to take risk when playing teams like Bahrain.

    My prediction is, Malaysia will lose by 3 goals to Bahrain, if they are cowards.

    HSKL says: Be brave and daring during pre-match and post match. Don't cowardly motivate.


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