Safee hits back

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Here is another tweet by a sports observer

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  1. Mungkin YB Khairy prehatin sikit tentang KP ni ..rasanya publisiti seeker ni bukan what you think he is.

    1. Tak kan YB KJ nak komen jugak..KP ni his right arm pit dia. Tuan Penasihat mcm dalam filem 3 Bedul, 25 persen..

  2. Empty vessel make the most u Mr. DG......You have been the DG for so long and you have not met your KPI to win the Olympic Gold! You breed a bunch of over inflated egos in the NSC...WELL DONE 5AFEE...hope more sportsman stand up to this fisherman....

  3. Don't blame NSC for the entire Flop...

    Its not fare to blame NSC, alone for not winning the Gold at the Olympics by our athletes. Lets look at the overall programme and development undertaken by NSC. Today, compared to those days, where we find it very hard and difficult to match athletes at the Olympics. But today, with the help of NSC, we could even progress right up to the final stage( badminton & cycling indoor events)

    We were very near to getting the Gold, if not for the miserable fumbles by Lee Chong Wei, at the crucial stage - Imagine, leading the third set 19-17 by LCW, but miserably got beaten in the end. Everybody concern has done what is best required, but unfortunately our athletes failed us at the crucial moment.

    We must analyse the problem at all possible angles. We can;t just look at the off-match situation, we must also look at the on-match situation which deprived us the Gold.
    We must also not deny NSC the due respect for their role in producing directly or indirectly many athletes who are able to compete consistently at the highest level. Not only athletes, even some sport has improved, compared to those days, under NSC.

    As for Safee's recent comment about NSC's DG, which comes to show how badly is Safee using his wisdom...
    Safee, is suffering due to his inability to perform according to expectation. He is only thinking of scoring when he plays. He failed overall as a player, not able to assist others most of the time - His eagerness are his own enemy. Coaches also did not help him in anyway for far too long, in identifying the problem he's facing.

    Safee, is suffering from emotional problems, to an extent, he's saying things he should not say easily.

    If only he is performing well by managing his emotions effectively, things could have been different. Safee, need to come out from his recent crisis as a player. He must know what is his priorities are and stop the other nonsense - You are nobody yet to fill big headed. Even if you are, what you said in your comment was disgraceful to your footballing carrier.

    Your action and statement has placed you at the very lowest level of thinking. You are not even capable of lifting yourself up from the crisis you are in. If you admit, playing football is not easy, then you should thing of something easy for you.

    HSKL says: Talk less, more action!

  4. Agree with you HSKL, has not achieved anything but behave badly. If not for his football ability which is mediocre to say the least, he will be selling buah cempedak by the roadside. Bersyukurlah jutaan ringgit yang kamu terima dan jangan lupa bumi yang kamu pijak.

  5. Words are cheap....NSC disburses the rakyat's d process their officers act like little Napoleons...controlling d finances of athletes and then going as hanger ons to overseas competitions...
    How come ...when we are successful goes to NSC....brickbats to NSAs when there is failure....

  6. Thoughts can be cheap too...for those who are dwelling in the culture.

    There is nothing wrong in acting like little Napoleons when disbursing taxpayers money. Most probably for those who are having difficulties obtaining funds from NSC will want to say things - trowing brickbats.

    Malaysian sports is still living in the past. The culture of hand -outs by the gov has become a norm in their lives, to an extent when they fail to get what they wrongfully think is their right, they say all kind of things.
    It is very clear to us that only those officials representing sports bodies which are weak and unable to develop will subscribe to such comments and criticism by simply ignoring their own weaknesses. When we let politicians and palace people to run sports, this is what we hear from them - So used of being spoon fed.

    Athletes in develop countries, often fend for themselves until they reach a certain standard or requirement set by the funding bodies. Whereby in Malaysia athletes and sports bodies are given money with no returns - "One way traffic." When people not related to sports are allowed to run it, this is what we get - Whining.

    If only qualified people run sports everything will be based on results and development, which will qualify them for funding. Knowing that we can also demand the desired results from them.

    With the politicians and the palace people at the helm, we can be sure of sticking in the past with no clear future - mainly involving football, hockey, sepaktakraw.

    HSKL says: Give to those who really deserved it.


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