'FAM sasar layak Piala Dunia 2014'

This article was written by current Sportswriters Association of Malaysia president Ahmad Khawari Isa during his time at Berita Harian.

The article below was written by News Straits Times sports editor Vijesh Rai when he was covering football as a journalist.

Both articles appeared on July 30, 1999.

It says a lot.

It also comes to no surprise to why some fans left the Shah Alam Stadium disgruntled after Malaysia lost 1-0 to Qatar in an Asian Cup qualifying match.

HD says: When will we be serious? When will we ever start a major revamp?


  1. Takziah atas kegagalan ke Piala Asia 2015. Adios Datuk K Rajagopal. Syabas buat peminat setia yang tak jemu berkunjung ke stadium. Mereka adalah wira, waja dan satria (eh macam nama kereta lah pulak) yang saya dendang...salute! I think everything else remains. Status quo. Lepas ni ada coach baru. Tapi orang lain di FAM masih sama. Kepala2 otak nya tiada perubahan. Kena kritik melenting, tapi perubahan tak penting. Pening.

  2. Not until the top 2 step down. Yes, I mean the President and his son. There's no point if only the President step down coz the current decision maker is the Dep. President.

  3. We are moving BACKWARD not FORWARD!!! Thanks for the losses to Bahrain and Qatar respectively. Major revamp needed so badly from NOW ON!! This articles says a lot to all the fans.. 'When will our national foolball dream to play in World Cup become a REALITY?'

  4. Thank you Raja for all the good times with the National team. I guess that you will be snapped up by a M League team in no time. Looking back, last night's result was the best for Msia. I am sure that Malaysians don't want to see Msia being thrashed in the Asian cup in 2015. That's what will happen if we qualify (even as the best 3rd placed team). So, really a blessing in disguise. Like I said before, Malaysia need to be able to beat all our neighbours regularly. Then we can challenge for bigger honours. Our target for the new coach will be to mould a team that can beat our neighbours on a regular basis.


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