Tahniah Pahang!

FotoI was wrong in my 'ramalan'. Based on their current form and the team's build up especially throughout the Malaysia Cup, I thought Kelantan would defeat Pahang 2-0 in the final.

Instead, Pahang's Argentinean star Matias Conti (pic) scored the solitary goal of the match and it was enough for Pahang to clinch the title they last won in 1992.

It was a different Kelantan on the field, especially in the last 15 minutes of the match. Pahang clearly had more fire compared to the Red Warriors.

'Tok Gajah tamat kemarau 21 tahun' as reported by Harian Metro and Pahang ends 21-year wait, as reported in The Malay Mail today.

This marks the end of the 2013 season which, sadly, has been plagued with the same problems - players not being paid wages on time, claims of match-fixing, horrible playing ground, ticketing issues and fans lighting up flares at the stands.

It also saw changes within the FA of Malaysia - mainly Hamidin Amin replacing Azzudin Ahmad as the general-secretary. The season sees the rise of Pahang, Sarawak and Armed Forces have earned the respect and admiration of many while the turnout at the FA Cup final and Malaysia Cup final simply shows Malaysian football is a million-ringgit industry.

Selangor once again failed in its Mission 33 while there are those who hope Perak would do better next season.

Note: Pic taken from Harian Metro.

HD says: Here's hoping for a better M-League in 2014.


  1. Congrats Pahang! I see great things in coach Dollah (with help of his all-time dynamic duo partner, brother Zainal too!) Congrats and congratsss!

  2. Few days before the final i left a comment saying that Pahang can win the cup. The reason being possibly due to the Kelantan players or the match officials. Obviously the Kelantan players ditched out a poor display, which gave Pahang the upper hand.
    There were many occasions where TRW players made wild clearance from their own half which comes to show there's something not right in their approach - Knowing well how they can handle situations before this.
    Besides that the linesmen at the Pahang site looked suspicious with his decision - Flagging against TRW players on many occasion - Dickson was complaining most of the time.

    So, with all these action and decision we can be sure there's some kind of "circus" and "magic" to let Pahang take the cup

    HSKL says: Faking is becoming a routine, for the wrong reason.


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