Paulus quits BAM

A national coach calls it quits while later in the day, the BA of Malaysia's glass door apparently shatters and collapses.

The rest is up to your imagination.

National doubles men coach Paulus Firman confirmed he will be leaving Kuala Lumpur soon. He cited "family problems" after having spent some 10 months with the national stable.

Read more of what Paulus had to say in Mailsport today.

HD says: All the best coach.


  1. Why all the fuss!

    BA Malaysia always seemed to be in the spotlight, even for some routine matter.
    Why all the fuss? Is it not normal for coaches to resign willingly in their profession? Moreover, for those coaches who could not make their presents felt - Ten months in the job, still did not bring about the desired results - To improve our doubles players.

    To be frank even the current top coaches at the helm are also very incapable in their role when comes to producing new talents.
    Besides coaching the top players, coaches must also have the ability to develop and produce new players with the same objectives - Playing ability set by all the top players around the world must be used as the benchmark when developing players in stages.

    Till today, coaches in BAM are not able to carry out this task. So why do we simply want to run to their aide, we must treat it as a normal practice in a profession. We must stay focus and demand the favored out come in their role as coaches.

    Give them the due respect, only when they are capable in developing and producing high standard future players.

    HSKL says: Give the due respect, where its needed.


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