Govt needs to think it through before introducing new rules

Haresh DeolThere is a new Triumph showroom near The Malay Mail office in Section 13 and I admit I have been ogling at those beautiful curves through the window every day.

I often fantasise about handling one of the models, gripping it hard with my arms and legs wrapped all over while enjoying every moment together.

But the guilt lingers when I head home. If my Pat Poh ever finds out, she will be devastated.

I’ve known Pat Poh for almost a decade. We’ve been through rain and shine together and she has never failed to disappoint me.

The Triumph I’m talking about is not the brand that sells female undergarments. It is the British motorcycle manufacturer.

The model I wish I could get my hands on is the Rocket III Roadster which boasts an engine capacity of 2294cc.

Pat Poh means busybody lady in Cantonese. But when said fast, it mirrors the sound of my 16-year-old 800cc cruiser.

Now why am I talking about my passion for motorcycles?

Because all I can do now is just fantasise about owning a vehicle, no thanks to the mess at the Road Transport Department (RTD) that has been hit by the mySikap system that has replaced Sikap.

Read the full commentary in The Malay Mail today.

HD says: The Ducati Monster 1200 is another beautiful machine...


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