Did FAM decide matters thoroughly before announcing them?

Here are some paragraphs from Vijhay Vick's article in The Malay Mail today:

1. The national body also prematurely decided on increasing the M-League foreign quota to four players, leaving Super League and Premier League teams in a mad rush to sign players 11 days before the Dec 4 Fifa deadline.

2. National coach K.Rajagobal refused to comment on the decision, opting to wait until FAM officially informs him.

3. When asked about (Harimau Muda A) Ong's (Kim Swee) contract extension, (FAM general secretary) Hamidin  (Amin) would only say that “it would be discussed soon’’.

It would be interesting to see Ong as interim coach in addition to overseeing the National Under-23 squad when FAM have yet to even tie him down with a contract.

4. FAM will be hoping that Fifa’s Transfer Matching System (TMS) would allow an extension beyond to the Dec 4 transfer window deadline for foreigners.

Increase quota of players with only 11 days before deadline?

Did not inform Rajagobal that FAM will not extend contract leaving the former international to learn about the decision from the media?

Ong asked to take over national team but no discussion over his contract extension?

FAM hopes Fifa would allow extension?

Come to think of it, did FAM decide on these matters thoroughly before announcing them?

HD says: Hmm....


  1. The MOST PROFESSIONAL sports association in MAS!


  2. Tak apa lah... kalau salah jalan tekan brek lepas tu suka2 hati lah buat pusingan U pula. Kalau salah lagi buat double U dan triple U. Bukan ada siapa boleh buat apa2 kat depa pun... Kebal.

  3. Dato Raja should be happy to be 'relieved ' of this burden , cukup lah itu...taking the blame for a very unprofessional organisation.

  4. Unprofessional FAM. Memang betul!! Are all the issues sorted out or not? SEA Games the priority for now. After that?So, where do we go from here???

  5. Pretentious as usual.

    They are just "testing the waters" to see how the public reacts and responds. By doing so, the officials looked miserably incompetent in their duties and role as Football administrators.
    They toy around with some new ideas for a reason only known to them, and in that process confuse the others-FAM themselves have become confused.

    HSKL says: Is there anyone who could stand-up and be different.

  6. Dear Haresh,

    The last time when I commented about the antics of FAM (with a huge dose of sarcasm) it elicited unwarranted comments from a rabid canine of unknown pedigree......hope there is no such yelping this time !!!!
    FAM is now like another Malaysian political party....flip flopping,indecisive and infested with worthless bodoh sombong personalities.Just take time to listen to their statements.....they are clueless and just do not know their job lah. Hamidin has the cheek to say that they will revert to AFC to determine the validity of Annuar Musa's recent inclusion despite his suspension.......kalau dah kena gantung.....biar digantung......why do you need to refer to AFC ? Was reference made to AFC before Annuar's suspension ? Shame on Hamidin for not knowing his job.
    Now they are courting OKS.......and OKS achievements thus far has not been spectacular (save for the gold in the last SEA games).Just a few weeks ago his boys lost meekly to Myanmar and were whipped 5-0 in another friendly. And this was the team that used up the taxpayers money by living and playing in Slovakia and surrounding countries for about 4-6 months .OKS has already sent out some negatives for the forthcoming SEA games draw...saying we are bunched in a difficult group.Seems like we might not even be able to beat Timor Leste or Laos. OKS boys can't even string a few decent passes and the team lacks a natural leader (same as Raja's team).
    If the team comes back without the gold.....FAM will finger OKS and they will say grandiose things like "We are in talks with Pep Guardiola, Manuel Pellegerini and Carlo Ancelotti......all are keen to take Malaysia to the World Cup and FAM will do its part to ensure we make it the World Cup.Meanwhile FAM will send its top officials to Germany,UK and Spain to meet up with these coaches to discuss our terms of engagement.These officials will also be making a trip to Brazil for a fact finding mission to understand the intricacies of hosting World Cup.This would help us tremendously when we bid to host the World Cup in the near future."

    Peminat SukanJB


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