MyKad just another fancy card; football fans score big

Fans taking to Twitter to call for FAM president's resignation Imagine if you owned a Ferrari. You would think twice before going to a wet market. You would think three times if you wanted to drive it to Petaling Street for some charcoal stir-fried Hokkien Mee since there are no proper parking spaces. You would not bother driving it along Jalan Ampang from 7am to 8.45am on a weekday as you would only be travelling at less than 30kmph.

So it’s best you kept it at home where your neighbours admire it.

Now let’s look at the Malaysian identity card called MyKad.

It is technologically superior to any form of identification prior to 2001. It is able to store numerous details including driving licences, Touch ‘n Go and is even capable of doubling up as an ATM card.

MyKad was considered a breakthrough. Malaysia was hailed for introducing the world’s first national smart scheme to store biometric data on an in-built microchip by science portal on September 21, 2001.

An expert in computer security at Cambridge University Ross Anderson was then quoted on the website saying smart cards may make forging ID cards harder but they are unlikely to provide a complete solution.

“You can maybe exert some downward pressure on identity theft by incorporating machine-readable fingerprints of some kind or other,” Anderson said.

“But, in this situation, making identity cards harder to forge is solving the wrong problem.”

Just like a Ferrari in Malaysia, a MyKad seems to be just a fancy identification card best parked in one’s wallet.

Read more in Haresh Says today.
Oh, here's another article - not related to the earlier posting if I must stress.

Football fans took their demand for the resignation of FA of Malaysia (FAM) president Sultan Ahmad Shah on Twitter Monday night.

They scored full points after the hashtag #PresidenFAMsilaletakjawatan (FAM president, please step down) took the top spot on topics trending in the country. It even topped the globally trending #CelebritiesIWantToSeeNaked yesterday morning.

Read Social Buzz in The Malay Mail today.


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