Erosion of responsibility

I also wonder why did it take so long for action to be taken after the landslide at the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve on May 7?

We have not seen any construction of reinforced concrete wall or soil nailing. In fact, the blue torn plastic sheets have been the only protection for the past six months.

Apparently KL City Hall will only now start remedial works as it is the rainy season.

It has been raining almost every night and soil erosion is bound to happen.

All I can do is to pray that I will not be alerted of a landslide resulting in the deaths of many as I go to bed at the end of the day.

Read all about landslides, soil erosion and my hatred towards those torn and worn out blue plastic sheets on hill slopes in Haresh Says, as published in The Malay Mail today.

Pic of worn out blue plastic sheet at the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve in Kuala Lumpur - by  ZURANEEZA ZULKIFLI, The Malay Mail

HD says: I would not want to hear another Highland Tower tragedy in my lifetime.


  1. Well, plastics, exposed to rain and sunshine daily would probably starts to degrade, decompose, dissolved in least 10 years?? So until then nothing needs to be done it seems. In another 10 years, or perhaps in another landslide tragedy, whichever comes first, another sheets of plastics will remain the utmost best action-taken. WHOAA!!


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