Warpath not the right path, KJ

The FA of Malaysia (FAM) met over the weekend while Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin yesterday chaired the National Football Development Programme, with several fresh faces in its line-up.

Both meetings could have been conducted tactfully.

First let’s look at the decisions made by FAM.

The national body decided to increase the foreign quota in the M-League to four players despite knowing teams have only 11 days left before the Dec 4 Fifa deadline. Do FAM believe Fifa’s Transfer Matching System would allow an extension beyond the date?

The press were informed that Datuk K. Rajagobal’s contract as national coach would not be extended. A source told Mailsport Rajagobal’s future was discussed as it was the “hot topic at present”.

Perhaps they forgot the other “hot topic” that has been lingering for years — demands to changes within FAM.

At press time #PresidenFAMSilaLetakJawatan was trending at the second spot on Twitter in Malaysia.


Speaking about the NFDP, some observers have taken the new committee to task.

They questioned the inclusion of several individuals, especially suspended FAM deputy president Tan Sri Annuar Musa. The Kelantan FA president and Ketereh MP was suspended by the national body over comments made against the national team under FAM’s infamous Article 88 which bars officials and players from making statements to the press.

Others defended the committee, consisting of individuals from various fields, saying the critics were “sour grapes”.

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  1. HD, it had come to my knowledge that KBS did invite reps from FAM to join in the NFDP meeting but they were turned down for reasons only FAM knows.

    Another issue, does Annuar Musa banned from anything football or was it just any football related to FAM programmes?

    Your article title should read "WARPATH NOT THE RIGHT PATH, FAM".


  2. "Gun down the enemies once and for all"

    We must "hit and drag" them hard into extinction - Finish them off.
    State FA's too must be treated in the same way because of their role in electing the office bearers term after term. We must ship-out all those who are well connected to certain individuals. This is the main reason why crooks are elected every time when there's election. We must dis-mental the wracked and sinking ships beginning with all the District FA - District FA with the help of their affiliates elects the State FA office bearers, then they elect the FAM office bearers - We must "gun-sling" with them in their own backyard by engaging with all the affiliates who put them there.

    If these is not done, then its no point and waste of time trying to unseat the people at the next level.

    HSKL says: Walk the warpath with the right strategies.

  3. Bro Haresh,

    Whenever we embark on a mission to develop apprentice athletes in their respective sport, we always fail to recognize the most important issues facing human development. We're living in a society where research and development are taken lightly.
    The atmosphere set by organization, parents, teachers and coaches is a major factor in determining whether or not children/youth will have a positive experience in a sports programme.

    A "win at all cost" atmosphere can be harmful to a developing children or youth. Parents, teachers, coaches and community leaders must foster a positive climate that enable children and youth involved in sports to enjoy themselves and reach their full potentials. This explores the issues of competition versus cooperation in children/youth sports. The role of parents, teachers, coaches and community leaders as spectators can identify some understandings as consumers of children/youth sports programmes

    As was noted in my findings, few children possess the talent to play competitive sport at the highest level. Thus the primary goal of children/youth sports programmes must focus in fostering the development of general physical competence and to promote physical activity, fun, life skills, sportsmanship, and good health.Children/youth sport that foster personal competences help them develop their abilities to do life planning, to be self-reliant, and to seek the resource of others when needed.

    HSKL says: Don't get carried away with the plan. Even a garbage collector has got a role to play in shaping the society, and human development.


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