Hup Wei also skips Sea Games

National high jumper Lee Hup Wei (pic), 26, had said that he would not be participating in the Myanmar SEA Games as he had not fully recovered from his ankle injury.

A gold medallist in the three previous SEA games, he was not listed by the Malaysian Athletics Union after failing to be one of the two top national high jumpers in the 89th Malaysian Open Athletics Championship last month.

Read the full report here.

Despite attempts to get national hurdler Noraseela Khalid to run in the regional Games next month although she failed to qualify, the experienced and opinionated athlete denied she had anything to do with any lobbying for her to partake in the event and went on to say that she should be setting her sights on bigger events - as reported in The Malay Mail on Oct 28.

This brings about two previous articles - NSA v NSC: Who calls the shots? and the Olympic report by Tun Ahmad Sarji saying there is no room for laggards.

It is clear that athletes like Hup Wei and Noraseela - who have been there and done that - should be groomed for bigger things.

And I am sure both Hup Wei and Noraseela would agree that only those who qualify should represent the country. Period.

More importantly, it is also good to see athletes finally taking a stand and being able to decide without being perturbed by interference from third parties.

HD says: I guess common sense prevailed at the end of the day.


  1. Tapi dalam temubual slot sukan Buletin Utama tempohari Noraseela kata "kalau kena biaya sendiri pun saya sanggup (nak ke Sea Games)". Masa tu MSN belum kata apa2. Tup2 MSN kata "hantarlah Noraseela" dia balas kata dia tak nak pulak sebab tak sukan tarik tali ke? Tapi tarik tali pun kena tarik satu arah je kak...Sudah2lah tu, kalau tak layak jangan banyak songeh - usahalah untuk mencapai aras yang lebih tinggi. Lagi satu, kalau sukan serantau tak layak bagaimana nak 'aim higher targets' ? Yang ni pun pelik juga...

  2. It is clear that athletes like Hup Wei and Noraseela - who have been there and done that - should be groomed for bigger things....HA HA HA What kind of report or proposal is this. They should hang their spike, PERIOD as they are has been.


  3. Cannot even beat the SEA Games qualifying mark and what bigger things are there. Furthermore the NSC should sta\y way from the selection process. In this case, they - athletes and NSC - had failed and should admit it


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