What if Astro pulls the plug...

Most Malaysians suffer from withdrawal symptoms when football takes a break from June to mid-August yearly.

Some go through pain as if the spice of their life has gone missing. They struggle to look for something else to do, especially over the weekends. Most mamak eateries report a drop in customers as well.

Imagine this scenario being repeated each month and there is no football over television, week in and week out — no staying awake or getting up in the wee hours of the morning to watch football on weekdays.

Strange as it may sound, this imaginary scenario could well be a reality should Astro decide to pull the plug on showing football due to the escalating costs of bidding for matches to be telecast over the satellite network.

Astro is increasing their subscription rates for the sports package by RM6 per month from Nov 24 and this may not go down well with sports fans.

Read Astro's justification - from the price hike, bad reception and repeated programmes - and what the man on the street has got to say about the increase in subscription fee in The Malay Mail today.

HD says: I bet Newcastle pakai bomoh against Tottenham Hotspur last night. Spurs simply failed to get the ball into the back of the net despite numerous attempts. Sigh!


  1. Malaysians must come together to pull the plug, on Astro!

    The time has come for Malaysia to take matters into their own hands, where the government has failed miserably. Just look at what is happening now days. Companies in Malaysia are free to do whatever they want to put the burden on the consumers.

    Why can't Astro absorb a little and make slightly lesser? Every time when there's a hike the consumers become the victim.
    How long can we allow this practices to take place? We must send a strong signal to them by withholding whatever payment due to them, for the next three months - even if they threaten with disconnection and legal action.

    Lets put the government to shame. Lets show them the powers of the consumers. The ability of the government to govern and protect the interest of the people are nowhere to be seen, every time Astro makes price adjustment.
    This is not the first time, there were many occasions like these, where Astro do things as they wish.

    Seriously we need to make this happen. We must not fall victim and let them take advantage on us.

    Just sacrifice for only three months with out Astro. I can bet they will come crawling to us to protect their business - we are Sivaji the Boss.
    Believe in ourselves. Do the right thing, lets lay the foundation for our children and grandchildren by doing so. Think critically and put a stop to bad and one sided business practices. Lets shake them up and drag them to the negotiation table and draw the line for them to follow - Baru dia tahu!

    For a start, i really hope, readers of this blog can begin with living comments supporting this idea and action. Godbless

    HSKL says: Don't take the people for a ride. Enough is enough!

  2. Jika itu berlaku, lambat laun orang ramai akan mula mencari dan melalui internet, mereka akan jumpa berbagai live feed dari sana. Malah cajnya mengikut bilangan channel dan bukan pakej selambak macam astro.

    Malah sebenarnya banyak channel yang amat terhad penontonnya dilambakkan untuk menjustifikasikan harga pakej yang tinggi.

    Channel terbitan dalaman pula, lebih banyak ulangan daripada live.

    Tiada feed semasa hujan? No problem bagi astro walaupun sudah bertahun-tahun pelanggan komplen.

    p/s tak sabar nak tahu, bila penswastaan liga malaysia 2015 nanti, hak siaran akan diberi kembali atau tidak ke setiap pasukan.


  3. Price of goods will go up, however the income level of the people remains relatively stagnant or is not measuring up to the price increases. So every year most of us would have to tighten our waist belts to make ends meet.
    Good luck to us all.


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