Safee eager for better show, RIP Subramaniam

It was not the entrance national striker Safee Sali (pic) had in mind.

Just as he replaced Azamuddin Akil in the 70th minute, Bahrain’s Ismaeel Abdul-Latif scored the solitary goal (71st minute) of the match in the Asian Cup qualifying match last Friday.

“Suwey betul la (what bad luck),” was Safee’s immediate reaction.

“I’m not happy at all. I entered the field and our opponents scored. I don’t want to see such a thing happening again.”

Meanwhile, the late A. Subramaniam (pic below), who passed away on Saturday night, was a firm believer in developing young talents.

To him, the base needs to be strengthened before one can achieve better results at the higher level.

During his short stint as Federal Territory Amateur Athletics Association (FTAAA) president, he introduced plans to promote the sport at grassroot level.

"He was always about development, development, development. He was eager to see more youngsters getting into athletics," recalled FTAAA secretary S. Vegiyathuman.

Read all these and more in The Malay Mail today.

HD says: RIP Subramaniam, all the best to Safee and the national team!


  1. Malaysia will probably go down 2-0 to Qatar.

    Among the other failures by our National team, Safee, will obviously fail to make his mark as usual. Trying very hard and being eager will not work in anyway than using your wisdom.
    What Safee, really need to do is, he need to look at himself in the mirror and ask why has he lost the playable moments he had, not too long ago.

    Is Safee, suffering from fatigue, or is he not able to manage himself well? - When the mind is disturbed the body fails in its duty to react.
    Frustration and disappointment has eventually lead Safee, to say childish things. He is going out off his tracks and deepening himself further down with no return - unless something happens when playing Qatar.

    Speed and power play should be used as a weapon, and not as a routine. Don't unnecessarily drain yourself and end up not able to do as expected.

    "Malaysia will once again fail, unless Safee, can rise again".

    HSKL says: Play more smarter than harder.


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