KLFA in crisis

UPDATE May 31: Former KLFA president and KL mayor Elyas Omar says he is "horrified".

Former KL players says it is time for a "clean up".

And KL to lose big time if they pull out from the M-League.


The sponsors for Premier League outfit KL have stated their intention of terminating their RM2 million contract with the city side.

Rising Sun Travel & Tours sent a letter to KLFA on Monday but KLFA have refused to accept the letter as there is no proper explanation to why the sponsors want to suddenly quit the team.

Allegations of match-fixing heighten following the recent KL-Sime Darby match where fans placed a banner that read "Bookie 5 Fans 0" and "Bookie Detected" during the match. KL lost 5-0.

Tired with the inconsistency and allegations, the FA are expected to meet and decide if they are to pull out from the league next season.

The team, who saw its glory days in the late 80s and 1990s, are placed 11th out of 12 in the standings.

Surprisingly the players have not received their full payment since April but seem to be pretty 'cool' about it. Are the players being threatened and abused?

Read the full report on the frontpage of The Malay Mail today.

HD says: Sigh!


  1. sedih. SPRM dah leh start siasat dah ni

  2. This is a result of choosing an incompetent management team. The management in the 80's is very professional, they have the passion and lust for the game.
    The current management is nowhere near the management in the 80's era. So whay are you waiting? Please resign en block. We fans have the right to ask for it.

  3. This is your first test KJ. Please call up the KL players and find out if they had been paid their monthly salary on time. Only then integrity and transparency will come into place for KLFA and their officials

  4. Being as a KL fan, I'm really sad with the current situation. I don't care if the team will be relegated to the FAM League. What I want, and of course all the City fans want is to have a good management team that can bring back the glorious days of KLFA. I personally reject any politicians helming any post in the KLFA managemnet. Let the corporate figures, businessmen tycoons take over the KLFA.

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  6. KLFA needs new management.. so sad about this team.. im such a big fan of KL until now..


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