Answers please.

Ah Saiful Munir Mansor.

To me, he's Cikgu Saiful. Cikgu Saiful was my school teacher in secondary school (Methodist Boys School Sentul). He was a darn bloody good Physical Education teacher any school could ever have. Throw a sporting equipment at him and he plays it well.

Saiful is now with a different school but one thing has not changed - his passion towards hockey.

He coaches the KL Under-16 team and the National Under-16 hockey final was held over the weekend. Saiful's team blasted six goals past Malacca and won the title without conceding a single goal throughout the tournament.

Way to go Cikgu, but my question is....why the huge difference in standards among KL and the other states?

And my other question, how will the powers-that-be address this?

Answers please.....

HD says: Cikgu, we must catch up for old times sake. Cheers!


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