RM100k poser.

The who's who were not invited. So WHO was invited?

I spoke to many people from the sports fraternity and none attended the International Congress of Sports Medicine organised by the Society of Sports & Exercise Medicine Malaysia (SSEMM) recently.

Apparently the Treasury Department are now mulling over the allocation of RM100,000 which was supposed to be channeled to SSEMM for organising the event.

The National Sports Institute and Olympic Council of Malaysia pointed out SSEMM is not affiliated to them. Mailsports has the story today.

Also, is it true that doctors were promised RM6,000 to attend the event?

What's the total cost of the event? Who footed the bill? How come the Sports Ministry and OCM were not invited?

For the record, The Sultan of Selangor, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and wife Rosmah Mansur received an award each from the International Federation of Sports Medicine during the event as reported here and here.

P/s: The name dropping syndrome is back!

HD says: To quote Daphne du Maurier... "And I don't like books which are full of name dropping."


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