Blow for sports

That's the front page of today's The Malay Mail.

The KL schools sports excellence center along Jalan Cochrane - which boasts two football fields, three sepak takraw courts, two basketball courts, a multipurpose court, a dining hall, a function hall and a gymnasium, among others - will be torn down in the name of development.

The teachers are crying foul. The students will suffer.

The KL Schools Sports Council (Msskl), which are based there, have been asked to leave by April - the same month Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is scheduled to launch the 1Student-1Sport programme.

Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek was right to say:
"Only in third world countries you see people with their air liur meleleh when it comes to land in the city. In modern cities, fields are aplenty in the heart of town."

HD says:
Action speaks louder than words


  1. how then to create sports-men and women when fields are taken away for development? is the next sporting events played in thin air?


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