No hay problema

That mean's no problem.

And yes, I personally do NOT have any problem with anyone within the circle.

Not wanting to disappoint any party, I'm friends to all - unless one or two feel otherwise then it's not my problem eh?

And yes, some may see my affiliation with Rizal Hashim and SS Dhaliwal (alphabetical wise and has nothing to do with preference) as a problem.

In reality, both individuals have been there for me since Day 1. They guided me and were even at my late father's funeral some nine years ago. They helped me get back on my feet. There are others too who played instrumental roles, but I guess most are fine with my affiliation with them.

So, no problem there.

If YOU have a problem, feel free to give me a buzz or write me an email.

Life's short - chill yo :)

HD says: Get your jazz shoes on and listen to No Hay Problema by Pink Martini.


  1. Hohoho...normal la...i was labelled the underling of so and so not too long ago...anyway, we are free to be friends with anybody and by the same token, stop speaking to old friends by choice...


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