Look before you leap

That was the title of my commentary piece which was published in yesterday's Mailsports.

I have nothing against the individuals and organisations referred in the article. What baffles me and many others is to who nominated their names or allowed them the opportunity to bask in glory when in fact there is so much of room for improvement.

I would like to speak to those sitting in the selection panel of the recent National Sports Awards and speak to the man, a former journalist, on what criteria did he nominate former Malaysia Snooker and Billiards Federation president WY Chin for the Sports Leadership Award.

I also hope I would be given the opportunity to ask Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak if he did write a support letter (including the RM100,000 grant) for the hosting of the International Congress of Sports Medicine organised by the Society of Sports and Exercise Medicine Malaysia recently.

Perhaps they have the answers.

HD says: Transparency is the key to earning the trust of the masses.


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