I do occasionally visit the good folks at the Squash Racquets Association of Malaysia office in Bukit Jalil. Mostly it is just before a press conferences or when I meet our athletes in the area.

However, I was recently told - politely - that my visits are not really 'welcomed'. In fact, some people in SRAM get nervous when a reporter drops by.

They think of us journalists as creepy spiders. Not wanting to get tangled in the web, they would want to squash us.

Their policy - no comments about the association. Period.

My policy - no need to comment about SRAM. Period.

HD says:
No class lah.


  1. Hahahaha... You sure ah bro? At the moment unless it comes from the proper channel, jangan caya sangat la.. Banyak sangat orang yang ada personal agenda dalam sukan Malaysia.

  2. I really don't wanna say why they aint ganna play with ya.........GAY...


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