Dear all...

Hi guys,

Firstly sorry I cant write to each of you an individual email as I'm pressed for time, just got back from my morning session and I have to leave for league in 30mins..!!i have to make lunch not sure you guys are aware as just yet,but i've officially hit my life target of number 10 in the world...Its a little emotional for me as i was so close 2 years ago,to be sick with over training syndrome then the following season with a torn abductor...and last year my priorities were commonwealth games, Asian champs and Asian games..So finally its achieved...whats next..i suppose i'm setting immediate goals and the first one on my list is kl open..i have a huge summer as the tournaments in Eygpt are not looking great...It will give me time to get some military training in...Id of course like to firstly thanks all of you,the good articles and the bad, it keeps me going when im winning and the bad ones strive me to keep on pushing..its all positive...Id also like to put a shout out to a few people with their personal touches in my carrier of late....and during my whole carrier..YBM Dato Seri Shabery,Datuk Zainal,Datuk Mokzaini,Datuk Seri Effendi,Datuk Dr Ibrahim Saad,Aj Wong,Datuk Zol (MSN), Thomas Chan, Nasarudin Nassimuddin, my coach Peter Genever, my physical trainer Sean stuggeous,my physio n my massues in london,charlotte and alexia and my physio's in Malaysia Nobert and Ronald, my close friends, my mum, my two sisters who live here in london, of course my long terms sponsers, zecon, encorp, powerbar, CIMB, head my athletes management company sportspin, my new sponsers astro arena, maxis, and also my commitment with ATM angkatan tentera malaysia, i believe the move will build my character to even stronger heights...All the support helps and i can truely say i wont be where i am without anyone of them (and sorry if i missed anyone)..Sorry i know its a little emotional but when you've chase a number for so long...and you achieve it it makes you feel you can do anything with the continue'd support i will keep pushing those barriers to the ability i can... I Sincerely hope all the names and the companies could be put in the article as its really important for me to show my  gratitude, for their long term support and hopefully continues support...i thank you guys again for taking the time to read my emails and my updates.

Thanks again.

yours sincerely,

Azlan Iskandar

HD says: Well done Captain.


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