I pity tennis players in Kelana Jaya

I really do.

They have well-maintained tennis courts that comes under the PJ City Council (MBPJ).

But to rent the courts, that's another story - which got many people scratching their heads.

It's been going on for years, but nothing has been done to rectify it.

From the Sidelines today speaks about it.

HD says: Main Grand Slam Tennis on Nintendo Wii jer la.


  1. im staying in lembah subang/kelana jaya
    to play at MBPJ tennis court complex kelana jaya, we have to book the court at PJ state...leceh
    ...and some more weekends cannot book due to all sort of tournament events...
    if night time play only limited to 11pm...
    tengku mohammad of MBPJ must do some thing about this...
    our free time is of course after office hours...where got time to go to PJ state, want to play weekends also needs to go futher up to jalan duta or elsewhere private court
    if time limit to 11pm...gone back home from work also already 8pm...plus time for dinner & family matter, 10pm only reach court...1 hour to play not enough, warm up also took 1/2 an hour...
    the court is infront of my eyes 24/7 ...able to reach but not able to hold....JM2C (just my 2 cent) zifi

  2. how much do you need to pay to be able to play at these courts?? i love playing tennis, the only thing that stops me is the time and places to play at. also, the fees. they sometimes cost a bomb!


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