Should Raja stay?

Of course he should right?

So what should we do to ensure national coach K.Rajagobal (pic) stays?

Firstly, we should quickly extend his contract (and not wait for the three months grace period before the contract ends).

Secondly, perhaps it's time we shower our 'jewel' with class. If foreign coaches get paid in big bucks and treated like Kings, why not our very own "King" Raja?

Last but not least, we should treat him with respect.

Rajagobal admits his contract will expire in December this year as seen here.

FYI, this is NOT an "internal matter" and I - together with the millions of football fans - am naturally "CONCERNED".

The FA of Malaysia is "supposed" to be a transparent organisation and not a private playground.

HD says: We always tend to glorify the wrong people but sideline the people that matter. Sadly, it happens everywhere.


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