Speak up!

"He comes with handsome perks, stamps his authority with ridiculous demands and once there is a change of regime, the administrator disappears. This happens repeatedly, only to see the subordinates suffer."

That's the tale of a typical administrator in Malaysia.

So isn't it time for athletes to have a voice?

Isn't it time for them to form an opinion and not to cater to the whims and fancies of those supposedly said to be superior than them?

From the Sidelines today urges people to Speak up!

If you're just a clerk in The Malay Mail or a high flying national athlete serving the nation proudly - we should all learn how to voice our opinions. Let the voices be heard.

And I ended the column saying:

"...but it looks like we're supposed to be a Pak Turut to advance in life. And this is one of the many reasons why organisations — especially in Malaysian sports — fail."

HD says:
I prefer to speak my mind than to bitch behind your back. You may call it arrogance, but it's way better than being a hypocrite.


  1. I totally agreed with your said statements. When administrator makes a blunder, they swept it under the carpet or the normal " you scratch my back , I scratch your back" syndrome. Policy makers do things at their whimp and fancy and expect results when they are under pressure. Many sports program whether its at development programs or competitions were done without proper planning which will just ends up just like that and no one is held accountable for the failure. Then comes along a new guy with new ideas and re-brand the whole episode with a new concept which is actually the same one in a different form.Well the story goes on. HD,keep posting your views and opinions as it will serve as an eye opener to sports critics but will any honest and accountable person will act on it accordingly. All the best and hpoe to Malaysian Sports!!!!

  2. Bro...spot on...but not only administrators from sport associations. Our NSC is fast when pointing fingers after a failure; but quicker when it comes to claiming credit! About the doping...I believe it's only the tip of the ice berg ... financial irregularities are soon coming out...i hope

  3. Anon 9.46pm

    What kind of irregularities we talking about? Drop me an email haresh@mmail.com.my


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