Selangor's dilemma

I received a phone call from former national coach S.Selvarajoo this morning.

After exchanging pleasantries, I couldn't help but ask to what actually transpired in the Selangor tennis team.

He summed it up by saying; "I don't care what people say. We won the title."

T.Neesha has decided not to play in the individual event after she was left out from the team event. She claims she feels "unappreciated".

Neesha may not play for Selangor again and play for Sarawak - her mother's birth state - instead.

Read today's NST and Mailsports. You be the judge.

In sports there is something called discipline and respect - traits some people are not familiar with.

HD says: And Nadal wins again....


  1. I think that it is not just happening to t.neesha. but happen to malaysia women tennis players. one by one removed by Selvarajoo with a variety of reasons, and many are no longer playing under selvarjoo as injustice in the training provided. I think the fact that it is not appreciated t.neesha is true. so u be the survey it.

  2. Awesome Nadal

    From the outside looking in there always two sides to a coin, it is ok if the coach sidelines his best player in a Thomas Cup lineup or a soccer match in terms of team tactics and it results in a win? Or we only question if it is a loss?

    For watever reason it may be either the coach or the Team Manager should have the final say, players good or bad must learn to adhere to that, if we have stars and upcoming players sulking even at this level making vows not to play for this and that I strongly belie is conduct unbecoming.

    To the players raise yuor self above this, you did not get selected fine, move on... you have higher platforms to achieve. Are you gonna jump around state to state when you are not selected?

    For the Coach or Manager their head hangs in the balance of results, even at SUKMA level, they have to justify, they are answerable. If indeed there are injustices or no fair play, then attend to them as and when it happens, why wait till a situation like this?

  3. Agrees with comment by Anonymous on June 6, 2011 4:21 PM. Malaysian tennis is a dying sport not because of the player but because of the coach and the person around it. miracally it just happen to the malaysia women tennis players only.the controversy on selection about it is there.

    T. Neesha then Number 2 junior player was not selected to play for the Junior Fed Cup. In another case, Dorothy Chong, who failed in the selection trial was selected to play for Malaysia in the SEA Games. Selection criteria for selection of national players in the said Malaysian Women’s Open was not based on ranking but on “request” from the players!! I would like to draw the attention of the readers to the Law of Malaysia – Sports Development Act 1997 where it stated that selection of players and coaches to represent Malaysia must be done fairly!! The selection of Malaysian players for award of wildcard entries into international tournaments should be based on current national or international ranking and certainly not on “request”! The LTAM should play its role in creating a proper national ranking as well as prepare players one year in advance to participate in international tournaments in Malaysia. Doing things ad hoc or last minute would surely bring chaos and create controversy! how about jawairiah noordin, she is top ranking but did not get a wild card. is it still because of the players problem or

    Refer to others media to know the truth not only a media


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