An expensive affair

I remember studying the slope issue at Bukit Antarabangsa during my early years studying Civil Engineering.

Through that case study I befriended several engineers from Kumpulan Ikram Group of Companies.

In 2008, the cracks appeared at the MRR2 beams and I was reliably told that Ikram were not approached to do an assessment of the cracks. A foriegn company was appointed by the government instead.

Now SSDhaliwal speaks of an RM6 million affair involving the Sports Ministry. A foreign institution has been awarded a sub-contract to conduct a study on sports in Malaysia.

The irony is we have several institutions in the country quite capable of conducting similar studies and I quote - UM, UiTM, UPM and UPSI. So why were they not considered?

Read more here.

With RM6million, one can afford to own:

1. an SLS AMG (RM1,999,999.00 - OTR w/o insurance - pic)

2. A luxury condo at Tijani 2, Kenny Hill (RM2.65 million - w/o lawyer's fee)

3. A Harley Davidson AND a Ducati of any model.

4. A wife and three girl friends?

OR the money can be used for sports at schools so that children won't be going around begging for money prior their Sports Day.

HD says: If I had RM6million.....


  1. Basically all Universities in Malaysia offers Basic Degree and Masters in Sports even we have MBA's who can transfer their knowledge in the area of sports management to conduct studies on Malaysian sports.. Have they ever approached sports management personalities such as Datuk Dr. Leonard De Vries , Prof Madya Dr. Jabar Johari or even Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim , at least these experts could have done even a better studies compare to the foreigners at a lesser cost. Please buy Malaysian first before thinking of going foreign. Good luck!!!!


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