Robbing 'em blind?

That's the frontpage of today's The Malay Mail. Read all about it here.

Our national para-athletes saw a "70 percent" reduction in their reward scheme as handed out in a ceremony in Kuching days before the Sarawak elections.

Handing over money to a group of disabled people just before an election seems like a perfect political eyewash.

However, these national para-athletes are disheartened.

Today they've decided to speak up.

But hats off to National Sports Council paralympic department director Safrushahar Yusof.

Not only he answered the call, he took time off from the Kelantan-Perak Super League match to explain the situation properly.

And his explanation turns out to be promising for our special athletes.

During our conversation, both Kelantan and Perak were still tied to a goalless draw. Kelantan later won 1-0.

HD says: Is drawing up a proposal worth RM1.8 million to start a Sports Ministry facebook page with a tutorial entitled "Ways to answer your phone / SMS". I could settle for RM1.2 million.


  1. lol. ways to answer you phone/sms. that's a first !!


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