'Import' players

If all nations in world recruit players from other nations to represent them,then it defeats the purpose of sportsmanship and showmanship. Take Singapore as example. I have been to 4 SEA Games, 2 Asian Games, 1 Olympics..when Singapore did well in table tennis using 'China' players, where were the cheering support shown by their fans/citizens? Limited or none! U can spend money, but will it uplift ur citizens taste for glory?

I received that SMS from Lee Hui Seng. And I thank him for sharing it with me.

Apparently the same text was seen on his Facebook wall and it created quite a stir.

However, we also have 'imports' within us - Yuan Yufang and Irina Maharani (pic) to name a few.

For the record, Singapore's defender Daniel Bennett was born in England but lived in Singapore since the age of two. Does that make him more British or Singaporean?

But what say you?

HD says: Hmm...


  1. seems like to me we are trying to tai chi the issue.. imports are all around the world, rules are there to 'try' and make them fair, we do it, other do it... dont understand whats the fuss

    we need to shift away from instant result and build and yet at every level of sport SUKMA and interstate events it seem "RESULTS" matter more then "DEVELOPMENT"

  2. Ah speaking about Sukma... when a state pinches an athlete from another state, isn't that an "import" athlete as well?

  3. import is our culture..but we always blame others side..from sukma we know which state "import" athlete..


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