Only MAAU got power

I received a phone call from a national athlete earlier this morning.

The national athlete is amused and baffled to how two fellow athletes, who skipped the anti-doping test at the National Sports Institute (NSI) in May, were the wild card entrants to the up-coming World Track and Field championships.

Apparently the national athlete isn't alone. Many others are disgruntled too.

I reminded the athlete that;

1. The Malaysia Amateur Athletics Union remain as the authoritative body for athletics in the country.

2. Other agencies including the NSI and especially the National Sports Council are simply "power-less". NSI can only make recommendations to the world agencies while NSC is merely a funding arm of the Sports Ministry so buang air liur hang la cakap dgn diorang.

3. Athletes should walk out from MAAU and train on their own. State AAA should shed their puppet-like status and use their brains when electing the right individuals for the national body. (Unless state AAA are also useless lah).

Perhaps we could see an up-rising soon - I hope.

In the meantime, read Aftar Singh's commentary here.

HD says
: Choose your battles wisely.


  1. aloo taiko..i tought NSI is providing sports science support and NSC is the one funding and run training program. Did you check the function of these two agencies or not or you just as usual being you and tembak everything without substance..check la woii


  2. Aloo glover taiko.

    If NSI and NSC had so much of power, how come the sprinters who skipped the anti-doping tests are still running?

    NSI and NSC are not affiliates of IAAF. Only MAAU.

    NSC Act 1971 states the roles and functions of the NSC. Read la woii.

  3. anon 12.14am....Where NSC got expertise to run training program..... coaching division head..nutritionist and asst...geography grad! At best NSC funding and logistics....

    HD....MAAU for worse (dropped for better) is the body that is (ir)responsible for athletics...they are the one's who will face the music! but never mind our Karim bhai can kautim one...

  4. i agreed with u la HD about MAAU have the authority but regards NSI and NSC u clearly wrong

    glover "taiko"
    weii HD give me cool name


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