Still a universe away

Harsh it may sound, that's the reality.

And sadly, it's us journalists who have to play 'Mr Negative' as certain quarters often get carried away too quickly.

NST's sports editor Vijesh Rai speaks about national skipper Safiq Rahim (pic) enjoying a possible stint with Cardiff City as seen here.

Our fans should stop having false hopes when a Malaysian tycoon buys over a giant club in Europe. It is purely for business and nothing else.

Some question why such high flying individuals cannot invest in our local teams.

But let's ponder - what is the return of investment for pumping in millions into our local clubs or state teams?

HD says: Fan base hampeh, website yilek, akaun tak tau balance tapi kuat bising bila tak dapat sponsor. Ish ish ish.


  1. I agree with that paragraph containing the role of "Mr Negative", as some fans do really get so carried away and under hallucination that things are "getting better" when actually it's not

  2. hahaha,...its time to privatize football clubs..
    state bound club are going nowehere..

  3. Its good to reach for the starts and dream of big things but you got to seriously face facts or have a reality check...

    The difference of people who achieve their dreams is they had their feet on the ground.

    Granted it great we are expending and taking ownership... but you should NEVER expect a free ticket

    You got to earn it


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