No Moh, Keen Ho?

There's Team A headed by Melvin Chia. Then there's Team B that features Prof WY Chin.

Both are at loggerheads and it's been more than eight months.

End result? Former Asian Junior champion and 2007 Korat Sea Games gold medalist Moh Keen Ho (pic) may not see action at the upcoming Sea Games in Indonesia.

Keen Ho said he has given up playing for the country. He's been busy with work. But we know in snooker those who quit return to the green baize.

But if WY Chin is still around, then I doubt Keen Ho will ever represent Malaysia.

The Olympic Council of Malaysia seem to favour WY Chin's pursuit. The Sports Commissioner's Office acknowledges Melvin and Co as the executive board members.

Now there could be an arbitration before the closing date for the Sea Games next month.

Read more in today's Mailsport.

HD says: Your egos are causing the sport to suffer. Bah!


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